At A Glance: Blazing Speeds

G-Technology’s G-RAID with Thunderbolt

I’ve been editing with G-RAIDs from G-Technology for quite a few years now. They have always represented good value for the money, but the models I’ve used in the past were pretty much relegated to USB and FireWire 800 interface models. Enter Thunderbolt, the new Intel interface that Apple began adding to their laptops back in early 2011.... Read more

Members Only

Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps offer an abundance of new features, but is CC for you?

For the past several years, Adobe has been firing on all cylinders. As we all know, Apple’s release of Final Cut Pro X in 2011 has struggled in the pro marketplace, as hordes of editors switched to either Adobe CS or Avid Media Composer. And last year Adobe launched Creative Cloud, which has been a major success, with more than a half-million... Read more

Drag-And-Drop Symphony

Working with Final Cut Pro X, Noise Industries’ FxFactory Pro will help you create your next blockbuster

In just a short time, Final Cut Pro X has come a long way, with firmware updates and third-party software fixing many of FCP X’s initial shortcomings. Although Final Cut Pro X still continues to have many detractors in the professional community, there are aspects and features of the program, such as the Magnetic Timeline, that are actually more... Read more

Planar Tracking Tool

Imagineer Systems’ mocha Pro v3.1 is a powerful finishing application

Tracking has become an important tool, not only for effects work, but also for advanced color grading, as creators desire more control over the look of a scene. Imagineer Systems has been on the forefront of advancements in tracking software—they recently were awarded an Academy Award® for their planar tracker mocha—and I had the opportunity to... Read more

The Working Pro

With Media Composer 6.5, Avid doubles down on the professional editing market

At NAB 2012, I had an opportunity to speak with Avid CEO Gary Greenfield. When Greenfield arrived at Avid in December 2005, he found a mishmash of products like Pinnacle Studio and Softimage|XSI. I was curious to find out what his long-range plans were, particularly with regard to consumer-editing products. "We’re definitely streamlining... Read more

At A Glance: Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist

A professional, yet intuitive color-grading system

If you’re a Canon DSLR shooter, one of the best third-party applications has been Technicolor’s CineStyle profile, which enables you to capture a flat Log-like look, which gives you more latitude during color grading. Now Technicolor has released a software application, CineStyle Color Assist, that makes color grading easier and more efficient,... Read more

Set Etiquette

EC3 and Light Iron perform on-set digital workflow for the 21st century

For motion-picture production, film has been the dominant format for the past 100 years. Although technology has modified the film workflow—especially with the emergence of faster computers, cheaper storage, film scanning, the digital intermediate, etc.—the workflow has generally remained the same. On-set digital workflow has been around for a... Read more

Cause And FX

Red Giant releases new effects tools targeted at both professional and indie filmmakers

Here at HDVideoPro, we’re always on the lookout for companies that create innovative tools for indie filmmakers, yet can still satisfy the pros. Red Giant, which produces plug-ins for compositing software and NLEs, is one of those companies. Its most popular plug-in, Magic Bullet (introduced back in 2001) is an advanced, yet easy-to-use application... Read more

Judge And Jury

DNA Films and vfx post house Prime Focus create a brilliant sci-fi look in 3D for Dredd

Dredd, the new British sci-fi film directed by Peter Travis and starring Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson, paints a bleak picture of the future. America is an irradiated wasteland, and on its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington, D.C., lies Mega-City One, a vast, violent metropolis of over 400 million citizens... Read more

Data Managers

Codex Digital is streamlining the professional production workflow

We’ve been hearing about how digital acquisition and workflow would be overtaking film as the predominant production workflow for several years. Postproduction made the leap to digital a few years ago with the popularity of the DI (digital intermediate) process, but the past few years have finally seen the production side of the business following... Read more

A Loaded Suite

Adobe CS6 Production Premium offers major upgrades and new features to Premiere Pro and After Effects, as well as a world-class color-grading system in SpeedGrade

It goes without saying that the production industry has seen some significant changes in the past couple of years. Disruptive camera technology (the RED ONE, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, etc.) has helped create a new industry in which low-budget filmmakers can compete with high-end studios and production houses in delivering a professional-looking movie. The... Read more

Up In Smoke

Autodesk’s Smoke is a powerful, all-in-one postproduction application

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Adobe’s Creative Suite Production Premium have dominated postproduction news recently. During this time, however, a sleeping giant has awoken with a new, all-in-one finishing solution that promises to revolutionize the way we think of post. The giant is Autodesk, and their solution is Smoke. HDVideoPro visited... Read more