Film Comments

For online collaborations in the past, normally you’d have to mail a DVD or FTP a low-quality proxy file for clients to view. You’d then have to corral emails and cut-and-paste them together as they come in. For viewing feedback on Wipster, simply point and click on any part of the video’s frame, which immediately pauses the video so you can create a note. A good example would be if you have a wire or a logo that you want to remove in the shot. You can click and use arrows to pinpoint the object and then make a note that you want to remove or obscure it. You can even upload a reference image that will visually demonstrate what you’re looking for.

Another cool feature on the Wipster site is that all of the comments made on your video are listed in a to-do list where you can check off comments after making the change, as well as replying to them. You can also click on feedback buttons in the "timeline" to go directly to the collaborator’s note.

Wipster is proprietary technology that was developed in-house. At the moment, the company is focused on production studios, freelance video producers, motion graphics artists and editors, although large companies such as Evernote, NBC Universal, Invision, King and Xero are currently using the platform.

"We’re focused entirely on getting a reviewer’s feedback to the media creator with the least amount of resistance, and this is now proving to be our competitive advantage," reveals Wenlock. "As our feature set expands, we’ll be attractive to audio professionals, designers and marketing professionals looking to collaborate across multiple media assets."

I found Wipster to be so user-friendly that I wish I could incorporate on-screen notes in my editing program, as well. According to Wenlock, they’re taking a close look at this. "We have strategic plans to integrate with editing software, as well as video hosting platforms, so that the production workflow is as efficient and seamless as possible," he explains. "We do believe the best place to collaborate on media assets is in the cloud, not tied to desktop software."

One of Wipster’s many cool features is having video comments listed in a to-do list format, where you can check them off after making the change.

Video has grown exponentially compared to other web formats, but Wenlock is aware that reviewing video is the hardest thing to get right compared to other web media (photos, audio, PDFs, etc.). In terms of its long-term future, Wenlock believes that sharing media was the beginning of the online video revolution, and the next stage will be communicating on that media. "We’ll be the glue between all the apps you already use, adding a rich layer of collaboration around video, imagery, audio and PDF documents," he says. "We’ll become a ubiquitous ‘contextual messaging platform.’"