Grading To Extremes

"Resolve’s Soft Clip feature was one of the many tools I used to create a soft touch," continues Balis. "This was great whenever I needed to expand the contrast range, without creating harsh blown-out highlights that you might see in a more stylized film. Having the ability to group shots, ripple grades to other shots, copy and append nodes, and middle-click on stills, PowerGrades or VSRs in the timeline to copy grades quickly was particularly helpful in scene-to-scene grading. In addition, being able to customize the controls and soft keys to my liking allowed me just the right balance for manipulating contrast and color, and definitely made for a more efficient session."

Hollywood DI colorists Andrew Balis (TOP) and Bjorn Myrholt (ABOVE) used Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve software to bring their directors’ visions to life.

Gangster thriller Guido was on the opposite end of the spectrum. Starring Billy Zane, Gary Busey, Alki David and Armand Assante, Guido was shot primarily on the RED ONE and edited with Avid’s Media Composer. Director Colin Campbell envisioned a dark, cold and gruesome look, and Myrholt went to work with Resolve and his Tangent Wave panel.

"As a colorist, my challenge was to convey the transition that takes place within Guido and in his surroundings, allowing viewers to follow the main character on his physical and emotional journey from the tough New York gang life to beautiful Southern California and Mexico," says Myrholt. "Together with producers Alki David, Peter Lebow and director Colin Campbell, we decided to start with a cold and desaturated look and shift to a warmer, more saturated color palette as the story progressed. DaVinci Resolve allowed me to bring the feature to the next level in terms of production quality and audience appeal, making it easy to continuously tweak the color palette for a seamless progression, and group shots in order to apply detailed changes scene to scene."

Hollywood DI’s overall experience with DaVinci Resolve has been nothing short of exceptional. Both colorists enjoyed an element of creative freedom working on these two distinct films, while still managing to accomplish what was expected of them. They worked closely with their respective directors to turn the raw camera footage into a cinematic feast.

Our mission is to bring filmmakers’ visions to life at a price they can afford. Resolve gives our colorists the tool set they need to quickly conform, grade and output feature projects to the exacting standards I demand.

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