The State Of Post

“The industry is always going through a metamorphosis,” offers Dennis Ho, president of Hollywood-based post house Digital Jungle Post, on the current state of postproduction. “It’s the nature of the beast. You need to acquire new hardware and software, especially when digital is pretty much at the forefront of our work.”

Ho should know. Digital Jungle Post is a smaller post house known for finishing projects for television networks such as NBC, CBS, FOX, TLC, MTV and VH1. This year, however, the company has seen a higher rate of independent features make their way into the facility. Ho believes less traditional TV work is a sign of the times for post houses as clients continue to utilize the efficacy of products such as Final Cut Pro and Avid.

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“To survive, we had to become more involved in post techniques that can’t be bought and set up in anyone’s living room,” he explains. “Now we’re geared to deliver duplication, stereoscopic 3D visuals, full DI, color grading, audio, visual effects, telecine and editing in the comfort of our Hollywood facility.”

“One aspect of post guaranteed to build over future years is digital 3D filmmaking. Digital Jungle Post exemplifies the trend by offering clients a room created specifically for stereoscopic 3D work.”

Digital Jungle Post keeps its clients welcomed in a setting that offers a digital cinema screening theater equipped with a Barco DLP 2K digital projector, two variable-speed 35mm Simplex projectors, a Dolby 10-speaker surround system, plus the Quantel Pablo workstation that eases the management of expansive projects with much less time-consuming tools.

For Digital Jungle, digital has expanded to the point where it now outperforms film. “We have a lot of data coming in shot either on RED, Phantom or Sony cameras and the occasional project on film,” outlines Ho. “We have one project right now that’s a mix of 35mm, 16mm, Phantom, SI-2K and RED.”

Digital Jungle Post completed postproduction work recently on My Suicide, which was posted with a variety of formats, including footage from surveillance cameras, DVCPRO and old VHS tapes.