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Sony has announced updates to its VENICE full-frame cinema camera at the CineGear trade show, updates that will improve system performance and ergonomics. The company has also announced that they will be bringing high frame rates to the VENICE camera system.

Firmware 2.0

The new firmware, version 2.0 adds a number of new “Imager Modes” including: 25p in 6K Full-Frame, 25p in 4K 4:3 Anamorphic, 6K 17:9, 1.85:1 and 4K 6:5 Anamorphic.

With the new firmware cameras can now internally store 3D LUTs, for better color management.

Sony also said that the firmware enables Wired LAN remote control, allowing users to change camera settings and the built in ND settings remotely.

Additionally Sony have said that the PL mount will be removable and the VENICE will work with native Sony E-Mount lenses.

High Speed Capture

Sony announced that the camera will support up to 60p in 6K, 90fps in 4K and 120fps in 2K, with an update to be released in Spring of 2019.


Highlighting the upcoming work of director James Cameron that will take advantage of a new VENICE feature, Sony has announced that the VENICE will now allow users to remove the lens and the imaging block from the body, and connect them to the housing of the VENICE for operation up to 20 feet away from the actual camera. This would be akin to announcing that one’s eyeball could be detached from one’s head and used up to 20 feet away. Cameron will be using two VENICE units for 6K capture of 3D footage by mounting two lens blocks and imaging sensors on a rig and shooting tethered to the camera.

In this video, Cameron talks about the technology and the use of the VENICE system.

The full press release is below

Sony Adding Powerful New Features and Capabilities to the VENICE

Full-Frame Motion Picture Camera System


Version 2 Firmware Includes Dual Base High ISO 2500, & Variable Frame Rates; Development of VENICE Extension System; and Optional Upgrade to Support High Frame Rate


Sony is announcing new updates and developments for its VENICE CineAlta motion picture camera system including version 2 firmware, which has been advanced and will now be available in the beginning of July 2018.


Sony is announcing the development of its new VENICE Extension System designed for expanded flexibility and enhanced ergonomics. Also being announced is Sony’s plan for high frame rate support for the Venice system.


“Venice was born from the voice of cinematographers,” said Peter Crithary, marketing manager for motion picture cameras, Sony Electronics. “Their voices continue to fuel the ongoing development of this powerful camera with the mission to make a real difference in their daily work. These new enhancements provide professionals more freedom to hone their craft, and also protects their investment.”


VENICE Version 2 firmware


Version 2 adds new features and capabilities specifically requested by production professionals to deliver more recording capability, customizable looks, exposure tools and greater lens freedom. Highlights include:


Dual base ISO – With 15+ stops of exposure latitude, VENICE will support high Base ISO of 2500 in addition to existing ISO of 500, taking full advantage of Sony’s unique sensor for superb low light performance with exceptional dynamic range from +6 stops to -9 stops as measured at 18% middle gray. This increases exposure indexes at higher ISOs for night exteriors, dark interiors, working with slower lenses or where content needs to be graded in High Dynamic Range, while maintaining the maximum shadow details.


Select FPS (off speed) – in individual frame increments, from 1 to 60.


Additional Imager modes – V2.0 newly adds several Imager Modes, 25p in 6K Full-Frame, 25p in 4K 4:3 Anamorphic, 6K 17:9, 1.85:1 and 4K 6:5 Anamorphic imager modes.

User up-loadable 3D LUTs – users can customize their own looks and save them directly into the camera.

Wired LAN remote control – users can remotely control and change key functions, including camera settings, FPS, shutter, EI, iris (Sony E-mount lens), rec start/stop, and built-in optical ND filters.

E-mount –users can remove the PL mount and use a wide assortment of native E-mount lenses.


VENICE Extension System


At Cine Gear 2018, Sony will demonstrate the VENICE Extension System, a Full-Frame tethered extension system that allows the camera body to detach from the actual image sensor block with no degradation in image quality up to 20 feet apart.  These are the result of Sony’s long-standing collaboration with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment.


“This new tethering system is a perfect example of listening to our customers, gathering strong and consistent feedback, and then building that input into our product development,” added Crithary. “The ‘Avatar’ sequels will be among the first feature films to use the new VENICE ExtensionSystem, but it also has tremendous potential for wider use with handheld stabilizers, drones, gimbals, and remote mounting in confined places.”


High Frame Rate


Sony is also announcing the details of a planned optional upgrade to support high fame rate – targeting speeds up to 60 fps in 6K, up to 90 fps in 4K, and up to 120 fps in 2K to be released in North America in the spring of 2019.


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