NAB Live: JVC Adds In Camera Graphics, Wireless Delivery Solutions

JVC showed us several products that use simple application of technology to streamline workflow for creatives, including the GY-200SP and GY-200HW cameras
While I’m a super-geek when it comes to things like protocols and standards,what really excites me is technology that’s applied in ways to reduce the workload of the creative and that solves a problem through creative problem-solving. These “why didn’t I think of that” advances often do more to improve someone’s working life more than a... Read more

NAB Live: Zylight Takes Creative Approach To Lighting

We take a tour of Zylight’s own branded products and the high-end lighting solutions they distribute—a great pro collection of LED lighting tools
The LED lighting space, which just a handful of years ago fought to gain a foothold over traditional continuous sources like HMI, has seen wide-scale market adoption, and now the manufacturers are competing in terms of functionality and feature sets. The rectangular and square light panels that were are the mainstay of the LED lighting world are starting... Read more

NAB Live: Sigma Expands Cine Lens Line, Commitment

The High Speed Super 35 Zoom, FF Zoom and FF High Speed Prime series lenses are optimized for high-resolution digital cinema cameras, while an excellent price-performance ratio is still key to Sigma’s efforts
Sigma Cine Lenses
Sigma’s entry into the cine lens space at the end of 2016 came as a bit of a surprise to many cinematographers. Familiar in the still imaging world, the Sigma brand hasn’t been a huge part of the cinema landscape, until recently. Many shooters of Canon’s DSLR and cine systems have used Sigma’s Canon-mount lenses, while Sony’s a7-series camera... Read more

NAB Live: SmallHD Launches Small, Inexpensive Bright HD Monitor

The 5-inch monitor is designed for use with small, low-profile camera setups
For videographers and photographers working in daylight, especially with today’s DSLR and mirrorless rigs, the size and brightness of the built-in LCD screens on the current crop of cameras presents a large challenge to evaluating focus and composition. Bright sun can easily overpower the brightness of LCD screens, and even indoors, the small size... Read more

NAB Live: Schneider Tilt Lenses, Filters, More

At the Schneider booth, we had a chance to handle the Xenon FF Prime Cine-Tilt lens, with its interesting tilt mechanism, and the RHOdium ND filters, plus get a sneak peek at the new Radiant Soft filters
Schneider Optics tilt lenses
We’d seen the press release for the new Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon FF Prime Cine-Tilt Lens. These 4K-ready lenses (the company says they are “beyond 4K”) use a unique tilting mechanism (more on that in a second) and have a similar form factor to the existing Full Frame Prime lenses and the same optical qualities of the company’s existing primes.... Read more

NAB Live: K-Tek Audio Gear Bags Provide Unique Features, Design

We stopped by the K-Tek booth to take a look at the solutions the company has crafted for sound professionals
KSTG70 – K-Tek Stingray Bag for Tascam DR-70D
We stopped by the K-Tek booth to take a look at the unique solutions the company has crafted for the audio professional. Perhaps best known for their lightweight and durable K-Tek boom poles, the company’s audio bags are crafted with the same attention to detail. We’re working on an article for our June issue on the pitfalls of using the in-camera... Read more