Sony Announces Future Full Frame CineAlta At CineGear Press Event

New camera system will arrive in 2018, offer more versatility
Sony has taken the interesting step of pre-announcing a new CineAlta camera setup to assembled journalists, and later to the public, at the CineGear trade show. Announcing a new full-frame system that is currently in development and scheduled to be released “in early 2018” the company said that the “next gen” system will be a... Read more

Airline Laptop Ban Guide For Photographers And Videographers

Concerned about traveling with your laptop and expensive camera gear? Learn about the best ways to handle the ban on laptops in airline carry-ons
airline laptop ban
Checking your laptop and camera gear on international flights appears likely to become the norm, not the exception. You probably know that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has banned devices larger than a smartphone from airline carry-ons on flights to the U.S. from several airports in the Middle East and Africa. Recent news reports suggest... Read more

Sony Announces 16-35mm F2.8 GM And 12-24mm F4 G

The 16-35mm F2.8 GM is the final lens in the E-mount F2.8 G Master series, while the 12-24mm F4 G covers the widest angle among all full-frame E-mount glass
Sony lenses
Sony launched the new wide-angle 16-35mm F2.8 GM and 12-24mm F4 G lenses against the backdrop of the company’s first-ever gathering of Sony Artisans and artist community. In an advanced look, we were able to spend a day shooting with the two new lenses. Sony 12-24mm F4 G lens Chrome against a backlit sky is often a great place to catch flaring and... Read more

NAB First Look: Rotolight AEOS Ultra-Portable LED

Handheld LED provides constant light, flash and many features of the bigger systems, in a compact package
Rotolight Aeon
The flexibility of LED lighting sources and the creativity of the companies producing lights for video and photographic purposes has ushered in a era of sophisticated lighting solutions that can do things that older continuous lightings sources were incapable of doing. At NAB, we took a look at the new Rotolight AEOS ultra-portable LED, a compact version... Read more

NAB Live: Sonderoptic Captures Cine With Feeling

Classic lens design brings feeling to digital cinematography
Sonderoptic at NAB 2017
The CW Sonderoptic lens was tucked toward the rear of the central NAB hall, but packed with attendees nonetheless. Many were probably drawn by the legendary red Leica “dot” and many others by the lure of the image characteristics of the Leica Thalia lenses on offer. While a lot of the conversation at NAB is about the sharpness, resolution... Read more

NAB Live: TASCAM Clarifies Video’s Audio Capture

Update to powerful video-recorder super-charges audio recording
We’ve been spending a lot of time with audio gear recently, developing an article for HDVideo Pro about portable audio recorders for the DSLR and mirrorless shooters. Many neophyte cinematographers quickly grasp the basics of appropriate video settings and capture, but find that themselves running into the limitations of in-camera audio. I stopped... Read more

NAB Live: Manfrotto’s Got It In The Bag

We catch up with Manfrotto on the ground and in the air
In one of those bits of coincidence that comes with attending trade shows, I’ve just had an extended conversation about Manfrotto and their product development cycle from Marco Vidali, the company’s head of Manfrotto’s U.S. distribution. Striking up a conversion as I uploaded these shots of the company’s bags as we sat next to one another on... Read more

NAB Live: ARRI Takes The Upgrade Path

From cameras to LED lights, many ARRI products are designed to have new features added via firmware update—and a ton of them were announced for NAB
ARRI is one of the most legendary names in the cinema world, with a legacy that stretches back to 1917, way before the founders of many of today’s hardware companies were born. Franz Wieser, VP of international marketing, gave us a booth tour, and while it might it might not look like ARRI has many new products at the booth, this is largely because... Read more

NAB Live: Canon’s Historic Role In Today’s Video Market

Canon’s NAB booth is filled with hotly anticipated products—and some surprises
Canon products NAB 2017
In 2008, Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II ushered in the era of DSLR-based cinema video and ushered in a sea change of innovation in the cine market. Just under a decade later, and the NAB show floor is full products that were developed as both a direct and indirect reaction to the new market that Canon helped foster. From lenses to rigs to accessories, the... Read more

NAB Live: JVC Adds In Camera Graphics, Wireless Delivery Solutions

JVC showed us several products that use simple application of technology to streamline workflow for creatives, including the GY-200SP and GY-200HW cameras
While I’m a super-geek when it comes to things like protocols and standards,what really excites me is technology that’s applied in ways to reduce the workload of the creative and that solves a problem through creative problem-solving. These “why didn’t I think of that” advances often do more to improve someone’s working life more than a... Read more

NAB Live: Zylight Takes Creative Approach To Lighting

We take a tour of Zylight’s own branded products and the high-end lighting solutions they distribute—a great pro collection of LED lighting tools
The LED lighting space, which just a handful of years ago fought to gain a foothold over traditional continuous sources like HMI, has seen wide-scale market adoption, and now the manufacturers are competing in terms of functionality and feature sets. The rectangular and square light panels that were are the mainstay of the LED lighting world are starting... Read more

NAB Live: Sigma Expands Cine Lens Line, Commitment

The High Speed Super 35 Zoom, FF Zoom and FF High Speed Prime series lenses are optimized for high-resolution digital cinema cameras, while an excellent price-performance ratio is still key to Sigma’s efforts
Sigma Cine Lenses
Sigma’s entry into the cine lens space at the end of 2016 came as a bit of a surprise to many cinematographers. Familiar in the still imaging world, the Sigma brand hasn’t been a huge part of the cinema landscape, until recently. Many shooters of Canon’s DSLR and cine systems have used Sigma’s Canon-mount lenses, while Sony’s a7-series camera... Read more