ARRI Full Spectrum ND External Filter Series Announced

The design of the new premium front filters is inspired by the internal FSND filters of the ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras
neutral-density filters
ARRI has introduced its full spectrum neutral-density (FSND) filter series, inspired by the internal FSND filters of the ALEXA Mini and Amira cameras. Among the line’s feature set, the new premium front filters use optical-quality Schott B270i glass, which is polished flat on both sides of the filter with completely parallel surfaces. The filters... Read more

Complete Nikon D850 Specs Revealed – Includes 4K Video

Nikon’s newest camera combines high speed, high resolution and 4K video in one system
Nikon D850
After teasing the release of the Nikon D850 in July 2017, Nikon has now announced the full specifications for the camera, and they are impressive. Speaking with Nikon’s Steve Heiner, Senior Technical Manager, in advance of this announcement, we went over the specs line by line, and the Nikon D850 feels like the child of a Nikon D750 and a Nikon D810. Nikon... Read more

Western Digital Announces My Book Duo Storage System

The new desktop RAID represents WDC’s highest-capacity external storage system at up to 20 TB
RAID storage system
As photo and video content file sizes continue to grow and camera frame rates continue to get faster, so grow the demands on storage and backup solutions. We recently took a look at how RAID systems are increasingly meeting those needs for photographers. With the announcement of its My Book Duo desktop RAID, Western Digital has introduced its highest-capacity... Read more

Manfrotto Debuts 360º Virtual Reality Range

The gear is designed for both professionals and enthusiasts who are creating immersive photos and video content
virtual reality equipment
Manfrotto VR Adjustable Dolly The notion of virtual reality as a novelty is long gone, and photographers, filmmakers and videographers are only becoming more innovative as they create their 360º content. With the debut of its 360o Virtual Reality range, Manfrotto aims to provide high-quality gear that will make VR content creation easier and more effortless... Read more

BB&S Lighting To Introduce One-Foot 4-Bank At IBC 2017

The new compact LED remote phosphor fixture is an ideal solution for small studios and on-location shoots
LED lighting
BB&S Lighting will introduce the 1’ 4-Bank at IBC 2017. Weighing three pounds and measuring 12” long x 8” high x 1.5” deep, the new compact LED remote phosphor fixture is an ideal solution for small studios and on-location shoots. The BB&S Lighting Pipeline series also includes the 2’ 2-Bank, 3’ 4-Bank, 4’ 4-Bank, the Reporter... Read more

Paying Tribute To The Masters Of Painting

As filmmakers and video creators, most everything we try to achieve visually with lighting, a camera and storytelling through composition and staging goes back to the Masters
The Masters of painting
The Masters of Painting: “The Supper at Emmaus” by Caravaggio. The lighting is a wonderful example of chiaroscuro, translated from Italian meaning literally “light-dark,” but for those of us who create images, both filmmakers and photographers, this is a common method we use to create contrast, mood and, most significantly, depth and dimension.  I... Read more

Pelican Products Introduces Three New Sizes In Pelican Air Case Series

The lightweight, durable cases are 45% deeper than the existing cases in the line
hard cases
Pelican Air Case 1637 Pelican Products makes some of our favorite hard cases, and now has introduced three new sizes in the Pelican Air Case series—the 1557, 1607 and 1637—part of the company’s wider Protector Case line. There are now nine models in the Air Case series, which are up to 40% lighter and ruggedly designed to protect valuable gear... Read more

Hensel Announces Porty L 1200 Kit Savings

The company is offering up to $670 off the battery-powered strobe kits, running through November 17, 2017
battery-powered strobes
Hensel has announced instant rebates of up to $670 off the Porty L kits. Providing 1200 Ws of power, the battery-powered strobe is offered in two kits—Original 1 and Original 2—and this current offer represents Hensel’s best pricing on the strobe kits, to date. The promotion ends November 17, 2017, while supplies last. Here’s a look at the kit... Read more

Sony Announces “α TRADE UP” Program

The company is offering up to a $500 bonus toward purchase of select Sony alpha full-frame cameras, lenses and accessories, plus the trade-in value of working DSLRs or mirrorless cameras
Sony cameras
Sony has announced an end-of-summer “α TRADE UP” program. Photographers and other creatives can get up to a $500 bonus toward purchase of Sony alpha full-frame cameras, lenses and accessories, plus the trade-in value of working DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. The special offer runs through September 20, 2017 and coincides with Sony’s current $200... Read more

Sony Kumamoto Earthquake Footage Released

The company shares footage of the devastating 2016 quake
Kumamoto earthquake
In April 2016, a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Kumamoto, Japan, home to the company’s image sensor production facility. The massive shock, which followed a pre-shock of 6.2, devastated the facility. Because Sony’s imaging sensors are used not only in their own products but in the products of other camera manufacturers, the shock set back... Read more

FLUOTEC Announces AuraLux 100 LED Fresnel Studio Light

The latest addition to the company’s StudioLED Fresnel series is designed to deliver pure white light in a compact form factor
FLUOTEC AuraLux 100
On the heels of new lighting solutions the company introduced at NAB 2017, FLUOTEC has announce the AuraLux 100, an update of the 100W, 5.5-inch AuraLux studio Fresnel. This latest addition to the company’s StudioLED Fresnel series, the new 5.5” LED is designed to deliver pure white light in a compact form factor, with high color-rendering CRI and... Read more

Panasonic Releases More Details For AU-EVA1 Cinema Camera

The new 5.7K compact handheld cinema camera also gets pricing and availability
Panasonic AU-EVA1 cinema camera
We got a first look at the Panasonic AU-EVA1 at Cine Gear Expo this year, and now the company has announced more tech specs for the 5.7K Super 35 compact cinema camera. The EVA1 is priced at $7,495 and is scheduled to ship this fall. At the top of the spec list are a 5720 x 3016 (17.25 million) pixel count, which is nearly double 4K DCI, 800/2,500 Dual... Read more