NAB Live: Zylight Takes Creative Approach To Lighting

The LED lighting space, which just a handful of years ago fought to gain a foothold over traditional continuous sources like HMI, has seen wide-scale market adoption, and now the manufacturers are competing in terms of functionality and feature sets.

The rectangular and square light panels that were are the mainstay of the LED lighting world are starting to morph in order to hit a wider range of creative markets. The flexibility and increased brightness of LED sources has brought the price down and allowed companies to put LED sources in a previously impossible set of packages.

Zylight’s booth at NAB is filled with an assortment of lighting solutions in both their own branded lines and in lines from companies that Zylight distributes, including Aladdin, Nanguang and LDDE and the portable battery solutions from FXLION.

We talked about the new Fresnel LED Rayzr 7 in our guide to the top things to see at NAB, but I think that several of the new products on display are even more exciting, now that I’ve had a chance to play with them.

Zylight Rayzr 7 Fresnel

The BiFold 2 and BiFold 4 by Aladdin are foldable LED panels that come (as the name implies), in 2-foot and 4-foot lengths, comprised of two or four 1-foot panels, respectively, that are hinged in order to fold together much like you’d fold a map. The 2-foot model folds down to about 3 inches tall, while the 4-footmodel is about 6 inches tall when folded, and this allows them to be packed in a case while occupying much less space the an traditional 2-foot or 4-foot panel. The company also makes flexible mat solutions that have the same level of output, but the solid construction of the BiFold seems very compelling for semi-permanent installation, and they can mount to lighting stands for studio or field use. The units are around $2,300 for the 2-foot and $3,300 for the 4 foot.

The BiFlex system comes in a 1-foot, 2-foot and 4-foot configuration with pricing around $1,200, $2,300 and $3,300, respectively, and the units can be wrapped around surfaces like interiors of vehicles for close, powerful subject lighting.

For the photographer or videographer working close up (think cell phone photography, product shots and even as a small catchlight for portraits), the Eye Lite is a great little tool. About the size of a small camera battery charger, the Eye Lite Bi is color-tunable from 2900K to 6400K, has a CRI of 95 and runs for two hours at full brightness on a single charge. The Eye Lite Bi has a 1/4” thread, and it recharges over USB.

The company’s distribution of Nanguong makes available a line of affordable Fresnel LED units for the entry-level videographer. While not IP -ated or water-resistant like the Zylight branded products, the small lights are fan-free (great for a small video studio) and are convection-cooled. They come with a Bowens adapter for light modifiers and have a CRI in the 90s. There are both bi-color and daylight units in the line and a variety of sizes are available.

The FXLION battery line brings portable power via a SkyPower adapter and provides dual 48V output or 14V, and a 24V model is also available with SkyPower adapters and Gold Mount or V Mount connectors.

The Australian company LDDE makes cycling lights and foot lights, and their wide, studio/theater lights were also on display.

Of course, Zylight is known for their own high-end lighting solutions, including the ellipsoid LED spots and Pro-Pallette wall washers, which are on display at their booth.

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