NAB Live: K-Tek Audio Gear Bags Provide Unique Features, Design

KSTG70 – K-Tek Stingray Bag for Tascam DR-70D

We stopped by the K-Tek booth to take a look at the unique solutions the company has crafted for the audio professional. Perhaps best known for their lightweight and durable K-Tek boom poles, the company’s audio bags are crafted with the same attention to detail. We’re working on an article for our June issue on the pitfalls of using the in-camera audio when shooting video with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, and covering the external audio tools that can help photographers improve their sound-quality. One of those, the Tascam TR-701D, which can be used mounted to the bottom of a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

K-Tek’s Stingray audio bags are known for their durability and design features—interior metal frames and straps keep audio gear padded and protected, while the pouches provide pass-through slots for cables, and the exteriors can be accessorized thanks to the use of military-designed MOLLE attachment straps.

A K-Tek Stingray bag for the TR-701D, the K-Tek KSTG70 allows the portable Tascam mixer/recorder to continue to be mounted to a camera, while remaining in the protective padding of the case, and features the same great pass-through design of the bigger Stringray bags and integrated kickstand, which leaves the audio gear pointed toward the audio engineer while the bag is on a table. The smaller bag also features D-rings for mounting, as well as enough interior room to use straight-connect XLR cables, instead of 90º cables.

The Stingray KSTG70 costs less than $100, with larger models available for a variety of audio tools and prices up to $300.

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