NAB Live: Canon’s Historic Role In Today’s Video Market

Canon products NAB 2017

In 2008, Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II ushered in the era of DSLR-based cinema video and ushered in a sea change of innovation in the cine market. Just under a decade later, and the NAB show floor is full products that were developed as both a direct and indirect reaction to the new market that Canon helped foster. From lenses to rigs to accessories, the video world is filled with products that enable the DSLR and mirrorless shooter to create production-quality video work.

While competition has grown in what I call the sub-cine camera market, pushing the level of video quality upwards all the way down the camera chain across manufacturers from Canon and their competitors, Canon has expanded their offerings upwards toward higher-end studio and cinema users at the same time.

Canon EOS C700 Ships

On the show floor, we had a chance to play with the EOS C700, which is finally shipping to customers, and it’s an impressive-looking bit of gear. The connection to the Canon 5D Mark II is there in a distant-cousin family resemblance way, but probably in the way that I suspect The Rock looks like the rest of his family, only much, much bulkier. With a body-only price of $28,000, the C700 is a different product than the company’s DSLR offerings, and the 4.5K camera has a feature set to match it. The global shutter version has not yet shipped, but is expected in the next few months.

Alongside the C700 is a new reference display, the battery-powered DP-V1710. The 4K display is rack-mount-capable, with a wide viewing angle and low glare, and the monitor can also connect to the ARRI ALEXA SXT cameras. There are two line inputs that support 6G-SDI and 4K 60p, and the monitor supports a wide variety of formats and lookup tables. The $12,000 display should begin shipping in a few weeks.

Canon products NAB 2017

Compact-Servo 70-200mm T4.4

The company also showed us the new Compact-Servo 70-200mm lens, and the 70-200mm features 4K optical performance, a servo drive unit and image stabilization, with autofocus and auto iris functions. It’s compatible with EF-mount Super 35mm large-format cameras, with a focal range of T4.4 (equal to ƒ/4.0). The lens supports the Canon EF 1.4x III and EF 2x III extenders. A nine-blade iris aperture provides beautiful bokeh.

Canon products NAB 2017

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Log Update

Canon addressed the requests of potential and current 5D Mark IV customers by announcing an upgrade path to give that camera Log recording. The functionality will require a hardware upgrade, and a new version of the 5D Mark IV will be available in July that has the new hardware set. The upgrade provides two Look Up Tables (LUTs) that adjust and correct the gamma and color curves for different external monitor conditions.

Canon has a page dedicated to information on the LOG update with details on servicing the camera.

Prototype 2000 NIT HDR Reference Display

Inside a darkened section of the Canon booth the company showed us their prototype 20000 NIT HDR reference display, and based on how much discussion about HDR there was at NAB, it’s gong to be a timely product.

While there is more confusion about HDR than consensus, the enhanced color range is clearly here, and the only question is how it will end up being implemented by DPs, directors and editing teams, and how consumer devices will eventually properly handle it. Canon’s reference display is designed to make the HDR editing cycle more accurate and more seamless.