NAB First Look: Rotolight AEOS Ultra-Portable LED

Rotolight Aeon

The flexibility of LED lighting sources and the creativity of the companies producing lights for video and photographic purposes has ushered in a era of sophisticated lighting solutions that can do things that older continuous lightings sources were incapable of doing.

At NAB, we took a look at the new Rotolight AEOS ultra-portable LED, a compact version of the company’s larger, intelligent, connected lighting sources. Smart onboard technology and the ability to handhold this unit make the Aeos a perfect light to take along in a suitcase, and the ability to connect the light over DMX to other Rotolight products means that it can be used as part of a larger studio or theater setup.

Smaller than the ANOVA, the AEOS (named after one of the four flying horses that pulled the chariot of Greek god Helios) has 608 LED light sources, and produces more light than the ANOVA II, and the AEOS comes with integrated handles that allows it to be handheld by an assistant.

The unit produces 3070 lumens of light, with a 96 CRI across the 3150K – 6300 tunable range.

Unlike most LED light solutions, the AEOS can be used as a strobe, with the ability to flash for photographic uses with High Speed Sync with no recycle time. Since it can be connected to other units, a whole array of AEOS can flash in sync. To prevent possible damage to the LED units when working at high speed, the unit will auto-sense overlapping trigger signals and truncate the flash speed.

For video production, the units can also simulate the lighting flicker and color of things like lightning, old televisions, campfires and more, with a number of units working together for FX. (String some of the AEOS units to each window in a set and set it to lighting and it will flash in sync across each window, for example.)

The Rotolight AEOS will be shipping soon, for a price under $1,000. Bundles with multiple lights and stands will also be available.

We will be doing a hands-on review of the AEOS as soon as the units are available to the press.

For more information, see the Rotolight website.

Rotolight AEOS Introduction Video