NAB 2019: Adobe Announces Creative Cloud Updates for Video Pros

During a recent product briefing, an Adobe product manager noted that according to Cisco, we’ll all be watching more than 600 billion minutes of video each week by year 2021. So, video content creators should expect to be very busy in the next couple of years! 

In order to keep pace with this expected, and other more current challenges, today Adobe announced several new updates to the Creative Cloud for creatives who work in movies, video and multimedia. The announcements, which coincide with the upcoming 2019 NAB show, which will start next week in Las Vegas, include a number of features that the company says are “powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s artificial intelligence (Al) and machine learning technology.” We expect to see a lot of AI-based technology at this year’s NAB.

For this announcement, Adobe says it’s continuing to enhance its creative tools that “you can count on to tell stories that stand out” and is focusing on three main apps: Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition. Here are some of the noteworthy features:

The new Freeform view in the Panels view in Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro: One tool that will be exciting for filmmakers is that they can use a new Freeform view in the Project panel. Adobe says: “Organize your projects and storyboard your media in the new Freeform Project panel in Premiere Pro. Visually arrange your clips as you select shots and build assembly edits. The Freeform Project panel gives you a place to brainstorm ideas, without the constraints of a traditional list or grid view.” Plus, in terms of performance, Adobe says that now Premiere Pro supports dual GPU support, which can speed up your workflow.

This composite image shows how you can make selections and use the Content-Aware fill in After Effects to remove objects and subjects in a video clip.

Adobe After Effects: For power users of After Effects, the following new feature is a very powerful tool: You can now “remove unwanted objects and clean up shots with Content-Aware Fill in After Effects.” It’s essentially the same content-aware tool that was first introduced in Photoshop. But for those who want to remove unwanted objects and subjects from a video clip, Adobe says filmmakers can use this tool, which uses “advanced algorithms to analyze background content and use it to automate the process of removing elements, such as logos, shadows, boom mics, or moving objects from your video.”

This is an example of Audition’s new Punch-and-Roll feature.

Adobe Audition: Audio isn’t just important for cinematographers and filmmakers, but for podcast creators and vloggers, all of whom continue to look for ways to have their audio stand out in their work, which sometimes means you need to have one audio clips, like a voice over sound louder than an ambient soundtrack. Once you select this feature in Audition and in Premiere Pro, as well, the software will lower the ambient soundtrack automatically behind the dialog or narration. It’s another example of how Adobe is using AI to automate workflows. Additionally, Audition now includes a new Punch and Roll feature, to make workflows more efficient.

Pricing and Availability: All these features announced at 2019 NAB for Adobe Creative Cloud are available now, with the latest version of Creative Cloud. For pricing, visit: