LockCircle Offers An Innovative Matte Box Option In NOLUX

Filmmakers who are looking to improve their lighting control may be interested in LockCircle’s new offering. The NOLUX matte box promises to be a new and innovative tool for keeping out lens flare, reflections, and glare using the latest “photon trap” concepts and complex “dielectric patterns.”

Aside from the various research done about the “photon trap” concepts, LockCircle also mentions taking inspiration from nature for the internal design of the NOLUX matte box. Specifically, they replicated the wing patterns of some butterfly species on the product’s ray shade.

LockCircle also used carbon fiber, kevlar, and other high-tech materials to ensure that the NOLUX is durable but also lightweight. These materials also allowed them to apply their “organic inspired” design to the “photon trap” concept behind this new product.

The NOLUX has a wide coverage up to 14mm (Full-Frame) / 18mm (S-35), and has a big selection of mounting accessories to cover the needs of filmmakers. A 114mm version of the NOLUX will also be available in the coming months.

Visit the LockCircle website for more information about the NOLUX.

See press release below:


The NOLUX mattebox by LockCircle is an innovative project designed to match the new technological additive manufacturing possibilities, that offers a totally new ability to produce complex shapes unobtainable with traditional manufacturing processes.

LockCircle approach to the internal design of the NOLUX rayshade is totally innovative, based on research in different fields connected to international universities publishings, to deeply understand the meaning of “photon trap” concepts and complex “dielectric patterns” for sophisticated reflection control.

Also by observing the structures of specific “night butterflies” wings, which have organic “photon capture” (for mimetic purposes), we replicated the wings pattern in the NOLUX reflection control project.

The addivitive manufacturing technology department in LockCircle laboratories is using carbon fiber, kevlar or other high-tech materials to reach products never seen before, with incredilbe strength and lightweight, but the most important point was the chance to design incredible “organic inspired” weird structures necessary to reach the “photon trap concept” of the NOLUX project.

The innovative Photon Trap Concept engineered by LockCircle has a very complex “negative reflecting surface” following the weird and articolated shapes found in many different scientific publications.

The complex shape of the rayshade is later hand sprayed with a special Ultra-Black paint that absorbs almost all of the light, reflecting nothing detectable back to our eyes.

Other accessories were designed in the direction to have more “reflection control” possible like French Flag Side Extensions for ultra wide angles, Front Flag Extension for long telephoto lenses and rayshade mattes.

The NOLUX system offers some features that other matte-boxes cannot afford like a complete interface mounting system for every still lens on the market and the innovative Sliding Base that compensates the “focus breath” or zoom extensions when changing the lens focal.

The lens extension just pushes and pulls the NOLUX and allows a smooth ride on the 15mm rods.

No frustration anymore to adjust the matte-box position for every different shot! The NOLUX follows the lens extensions sliding on the smooth sliding base.

The NOLUX has a wide coverage up to 14mm (Full-Frame) / 18mm (S-35) and large number of mounting accessories like 95mm/80mm/ Cine-Style front mounts, Adapter Rings (threaded) from 52mm to 95mm, filter trays, threaded trays, step-Down rings, covering most of filmmakers and cameramen needs.

A 114mm edition of the NOLUX will be available in the next months.

The International Premiere of the NOLUX will be at the Micro Salon Paris Friday 9 and Saturday 10 Febraury 2018 at the CW Sonderoptic – Leica Cinema.

For more informations: [email protected], www.lockcircle.com