Insta360’s Titan Tempts Filmmakers With 11K-Resolution 360-Degree Video

Filmmakers and DPs looking to work on 360-degree video projects but haven’t been happy with the resolution of most cameras may want to check out Insta360’s new camera. According to the company, the Titan is the first standalone 360-degree camera that can capture 11K-resolution 10-bit VR video at 30 fps. It can also produce 10K 3D at 30 fps, 8K at 60 fps, 5.3K at 120 fps as well as 11K 360-degree photos in 3D and monoscopic formats.

In order to produce better-quality video, Insta360 has used better quality components and offers premium features to increase the quality of the footage. Features include:

  • A High-Quality Lens-And-Sensor Combination: Since lenses and sensors are the two most important factors in image quality, Insta360 opted for including eight optimized f/3.2 fisheye lenses and pairing them with Micro Four Thirds sensors in order to achieve cinematic image quality.
  • A Powerful Image Stabilizer: The Titan will include Insta360’s onboard FlowState stabilization technology, which it claims will have “gimbal-like 9-axis stabilization with no accessories or added effort from the user.”
  • A Robust Color And Dynamic Range: By opting to use a 10-bit color system, Insta360 hope to improve the color and dynamic range, particularly in low-light scenes and for color grading.
  • Wireless Accessories: The Titan will ship with a Farsight live-monitoring system, which will include a transmitter and a receiver compatible with phones and tablet.

The camera, which will be on view at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, can be ordered now for $14,999 USD, although there’s no news on the exact shipping date.

To get a sense of the camera’s performance, Insta360 provided three comparisons:

For more, go to the Insta360’s website.