FLUOTEC Announces AuraLux 100 LED Fresnel Studio Light

FLUOTEC AuraLux 100
On the heels of new lighting solutions the company introduced at NAB 2017, FLUOTEC has announce the AuraLux 100, an update of the 100W, 5.5-inch AuraLux studio Fresnel. This latest addition to the company’s StudioLED Fresnel series, the new 5.5” LED is designed to deliver pure white light in a compact form factor, with high color-rendering CRI and TLCI indexes.

Here are some AuraLux 100 tech highlights from FLUOTEC:

  • One source light—Powerful new LED COB (Chip on Board) delivers 60% more light output
  • Precise Fresnel lens—High impact PMMA Fresnel lens improves the transfer of luminous flux and has superior optical characteristics, with high transmittance, resistance to UV rays and great resistance to impacts
  • Very quiet operation—Suitable for studio environments
  • Accurate light control—High-precision eight leaf barndoors and a color gel filter holder
  • Lightweight
  • Pole operation available

The AuraLux 100 is scheduled for Fall 2017 delivery. Stay tuned for more details and pricing information, which should be available soon. Learn more on the FLUOTEC website.