Fiilex Introduces P360 Classic LED

LED lighting
Fiilex has introduced the new P360 Classic LED lighting solution. This portable fixture is an update to the original P360, bringing a new feature set, including a brighter light output while drawing the same 90 watts of power, with a Tungsten equivalent output of 300W-400W.

LED lighting

The P360 Classic has a CCT range of 2800K to 6500K, with flicker-free dimming with no color shift from 100% to 20%. It has a CRI rating of ≥93. A mechanical mount with magnetic locking accommodates a variety of accessories, from gel holders to diffusers to softboxes. Filmmakers can use a 5” Fresnel attachment with the P360 Classic to increase beam intensity by up to 800%.

LED lighting
Fiilix P360 Classic with 5” Zoom Fresnel accessory

The LED fixture is ultra-portable and lightweight, measuring 4”x 4.7” and weighing 1.9 pounds, making it a great choice for both studio work or on location, as Fiilex uses its Dense Matrix LED array to fit dozens of custom-manufactured LED chips beneath a the glass optic. It runs on 12-28V broadcast batteries, with a D-Tap Cable accessory.

The Fiilix P360 Classic is available now for $595. Learn more at the Fiilix website.

See the press release below: 

Fiilex Announces the P360 Classic Portable LED Fixture

For immediate release

Richmond, CA October 2017

Fiilex announces the P360 Classic portable LED fixture. With the P360 Classic, Fiilex updates the original P360 for their next generation of LEDs. This update brings several new features and a modified design to our flagship portable fixture. The P360 Classic dims to its lowest power settings without any flickering or color shifts, and it maintains extremely accurate color across its extended CCT range. The Classic is also significantly brighter than older generation P360s, while drawing the same 90W of power.

The P360 Classic is compatible with a wide range of Fiilex accessories, from small magnetic diffusers and gel holders, to larger softboxes, and even a 5” Zoom Fresnel attachment that can increase beam intensity by up to 800%. The extended yoke and spigot allow users to more easily manipulate the softbox and fresnel attachments, and the new accessory lock ensures that they will remain secure.

With Fiilex’s Dense Matrix LED array, which packs dozens of custom-manufactured LED chips under a single glass optic, the P360 Classics are able to maintain an incredibly compact form-factor. Fiilex offers various travel kits that take full advantage of the fixture’s rugged and portable design.


  • Broadcast-quality illumination
  • Extended CCT range (2800-6500K)
  • Flicker-free dimming w/ no color shift
  • Enhanced brightness vs. P360 Gen. 1
  • Accessory lock
  • Extended yoke + spigot
  • Durable construction
  • Weighs only 1.9 lbs
  • Runs on 12-28V broadcast batteries (w/D-Tap Cable accessory)

Available for immediate delivery.

About Fiilex:

In 2001, DiCon Fiberoptics. Inc, a leader in the photonics industry, recognized the potential of LED technology to revolutionize the lighting industry. After 7 years of dedicated research and experimentation, DiCon created and patented the Dense Matrix LED.

The Dense Matrix LED combines dozens of LED chips under a single glass optic. resulting in a powerful single-source with extremely high color-accuracy.

In 2013 the Fiilex brand was created to bring the power of the Dense Matrix LED to the Film/Broadcasting/ Photography industries. Since its inception, Fiilex has won major contracts in the North American broadcast market and established a wide dealer network around the world, becoming one of the most sought after lighting brands in the market.

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