Blackmagic Design Introduces Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, Software Updates And More

Blackmagic Design ‘s new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

During an online presentation, which was live streamed via YouTube earlier today, Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design, made several announcements of new products and software updates: The announcements included Blackmagic Design’s new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, which offers a larger full Super 35-size 6K HDR image sensor. (The previous version had a Four Thirds-sized sensor and lower resolution.)

Petty also announced the latest update to the company’s popular video-editing, color, visual-effects and audio post-production software, DaVinci Resolve 16.1, and introduced a new capture-and-playback solution, UltraStudio 4K Mini. Lastly, Petty announced a new desktop app (on Mac OS X, only): Blackmagic RAW Speed Test app.

The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K includes a full, Super-35-sized, 6K, HDR image sensor.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

The most notable new product Petty announced was the new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, which includes a full, Super 35-sized, 6K HDR image sensor.

But there are other prominent changes to the camera, as well. For instance, Petty said the new camera has an EF-lens mount, simply because, “The biggest thing that customers said to us was that they want an EF lens mount,” said Petty during his presentation. This allows filmmakers to use lenses with an EF-lens mount from a number of third-party companies, including Canon, Zeiss, Sigma and Schneider.

Although many features on the new model are the same as the 4K model, there are a number of new features on the new 6K model, including:

  • The Sensor size: 10mm x 12.99mm sensor (as opposed to 18.96mm x 10mm sensor on the 4K model with a Mirco Four Thirds mount).
  • Resolution: 6133 x 3456 (as opposed to 4096x 2160 on the previous 4K model).
  • Dual native ISO up to 25,600, for potentially better low-light performance.
  • 13 stops of dynamic range.
  • A large 5-inch LCD screen.
  • Blackmagic Generation 4 Color Science (a complex dynamic 12-bit gamma curve designed to capture more color data in the highlights and shadows).
  • Blackmagic’s RAW image processing (which preserves color and dynamic range data).
  • A full version of DaVinci Resolve Studio for post-production.

Petty said the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K was available immediately for $2,495, which is significantly more than the 4K, which sells for $1,295. “So we now have two models in the family – a 4K MFT model and a 6K EF model,” said Petty.

The public beta for DaVinci Resolve 16.1 is now available for download from the Blackmagic Design website.

DaVinci Resolve 16.1 Public Beta Is Available

Blackmagic Design had announced the full update of DaVinci Resolve to version 16 at this year’s NAB show. But today, they are offering a public beta of version 16.1. New enhancements to the software include:

  • New updates allow editors to improve sorting of media.
  • A Smart Indicator adds UI feedback for intelligent edit features.
  • A new cut-clip tool allows you to instantly cut video clips in the timeline.
  • The software now includes a “Boring Detector” warning, which shows areas of the timeline that lack interest.
  • A new sync bin organizes and displays sync media for easy shot selection.
  • Close-up edit mode now includes face recognition to better frame shots.
  • New sync window allows manual syncing of clips, or audio based sync.
  • Public beta is available for download now from the Blackmagic Design website.

Petty also announced that the company had updated one of its three UltraStudio hardware units. The reason is that Petty said that the UltraStudio 4K was getting old and had some limitations: For example, this previous version had only Thunderbolt 2. “And the fans were a bit noisy,” Petty noted. Today, the company announced the new UltraStudio 4K Mini: It’s a new

capture-and-playback solution for Thunderbolt 3 computers with 12G-SDI, HDMI, analog video and audio connections that lets customers build solutions for editing, color grading, live broadcast graphics, archiving from traditional broadcast decks and live internet streaming.

The new UltraStudio 4K Mini,

The UltraStudio 4K Mini & Blackmagic RAW Speed Test app

According to the company, the new UltraStudio 4K Mini allows customers to “connect Thunderbolt 3 computers to any kind of video equipment for building high performance edit workstations, archiving from old broadcast decks, outputting broadcast graphics and even live streaming. Simply connect to the Thunderbolt 3 port to get a wide range of video and audio connections that operate in all SD, HD, Ultra HD and 4K DCI formats up to 60 frames per second.” The hardware is also designed to work with popular video software on Mac, Windows and Linux, such as DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and many more.

The UltraStudio 4K Mini is available immediately from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide for $995.

Lastly, Petty announced a new desktop app, Blackmagic RAW Speed Test app, which is a new performance measurement tool for Mac OS X, which, according to the company “tests a computer’s CPU and GPU speeds using full resolution Blackmagic RAW image decodes making it possible for customers to get a real world estimate of their computers performance.”

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