Adobe Updates Premiere Pro, Audition And Premiere Rush

Premiere Pro’s Auto Reframe Feature

Today, Adobe announced a slew of updates and upgrades to the apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud service, the company’s subscription based set of applications and services. There were several updates targeted at cinematographers, filmmakers and content creators, including updates to Premiere Pro, Audition and Premiere Rush. For each app, Adobe was looking to improve performance and stability. Adobe said the new version of the Creative Cloud would include “faster and more powerful products spanning multiple surfaces.”

The news was announced in conjunction with Adobe’s annual Adobe MAX conference, which will run from November 4 through 6, 2019. What’s intriguing to note is that Adobe has been working to add artificial-intelligence features into its apps and services. (Adobe Sensei is the company’s banding for artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.) The new features that include Adobe Sensei-like features include, “Auto Reframe in Premiere Pro, Object Selection in Photoshop, Auto Tone in Photoshop Camera and Live Brushes in Fresco, as the company continues to enable creatives to work faster and smarter than ever before.”

Auto Reframe and Enhancements to audio on Adobe Premiere Pro: One of the things video editors and content creators often need to create are new formats for existing videos. Which is we they need tools that streamline the creative process and empower them to deliver better stories faster. “The latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro (version 14.0) helps you do that with workflow refinements, performance improvements and new Auto Reframe,” say Adobe. What ‘s ice about the Auto Reframe tool, is that it “automates the process of reformatting video in Premiere Pro for square, vertical, cinematic 16×9 or custom aspect ratios.” It can also be applied to individual clips as an effect or to whole sequences. Adobe says that Adobe Sensei uses “AI and machine learning technologies to accelerate production workflows, automating manual tasks without sacrificing creative control.”

Additionally, Adobe has enhance Premiere Pro’s audio performance as well: Audio gain in Premiere Pro is now available up to +15dB, on par with Audition. For more, go here: 

What’s new on Adobe Audition: Adobe has just announced it has improved routing for multichannel effects. According to Adobe, this enhancement “could reduce hours of time setting up complicated track configurations for broadcast and immersive sound mixing to just a few clicks…. This new functionality in both Premiere Pro and Audition provides support for third-party audio effects to be queried for their channelization options, and route specific audio clip and track channels in and out of those effects.” For more, go here:

Sharing Adobe Premiere Rush on TikTok: Adobe has just announced that it is partnering with TikTok, a social media video app. So, now, users can use Premiere Rush, Adobe’s “all-in-one, cross-device video editing app” and then directly share that video to TikTok. For more, go here: