Broncolor Goes Into Motion

Still photographers have known Broncolor to be the Gold Standard in lighting since long before the birth of digital photography. Bron power packs are known for their precision and customization, and their light modifiers are renowned for quality, controllability and durability.

The Broncolor Para is an exception modifier in a line of exceptional modifiers. The deep parabolic shape creates a soft quality of light that can’t be replicated by other reflector shapes. Because the light head can be adjusted within the parabolic shape, you can fine-tune the light quality for the situation.

At NAB2015, Broncolor introduced a new Para designed specifically for continuous hot lights. This new Para HR uses the Para FT (Focusing Tube) system for fast setup and adjustment and allows you to use tungsten and HMI light sources.

"Beauty has been the Para’s legacy, I’ve used it for many makeup commercials, and beauty campaigns, but that being said – I’ve also used it in many far less obvious but very cinematic ways. The Para is great for separating a subject out of a larger environment." noted John Engstrom, Lighting Designer at Scheimpflug Digital "I’ve even used it for sunsets giving us an extra 45 minutes of sweetlight."

Besides the quality of light, one of the Para’s hallmarks has always been the simplicity and speed of setup and takedown. The new Para HR doesn’t sacrifice any of that, despite its heavy-duty heat resistance.

The Para 88 and Para 133 HR units will be available in June. A Para 177 and 222 will follow. They can take light sources up to 2000W. The full FT system will be shipping in September.

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