October 2014


Vision Research has released their fastest, ultra-high-speed camera, to date, with frame rates of up to a whopping 25,600 fps at full 1-megapixel resolution. As high-speed photography requires a lot of light, the Phantom v2511 is also their most light-sensitive model, with a max sensitivity of ISO 6400 for color images and ISO 32000 with monochrome. The back panel provides camera connections and controls including two HS-SDI ports and a 1 GB and 10 GB Ethernet connection. An image-based auto-trigger will start motion capture, while the Continuous Recording mode saves files directly to connected computers. The v2511 is compatible with all current accessories and software options in the Vision Research line. List Price: Begins at $150,000. Contact: Vision Research, www.visionresearch.com.


Sony has announced the new PXW-X70 professional camcorder, the first compact XDCAM model to record full HD footage in the new XAVC Long GOP codec, which offers 4:2:2, 10-bit sampling at 50 Mb/s. Supporting professional workflows for both ENG and documentary applications, the PXW-X70 contains an Exmor R CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels. The 1-inch sensor is larger than a Super 16mm film frame and delivers high resolution and superb low-light performance, while giving shooters more control over depth of field. The PXW-X70 can be operated through your smartphone or tablet via WiFi using a proprietary Sony app. (At the moment, 4K isn’t available, but there will be an upcoming upgrade to enable UHD capture, as well as file transfer and live video streaming capabilities.) The lens, with a 12x optical zoom, can be increased to 24x through Clear Image Zoom. Weighing less than three pounds, the PXW-X70 is Sony’s most compact XDCAM professional camcorder. List Price: TBA. Contact: Sony, pro.sony.com.


With WiFi and NFC for tablet and smartphone access to video capture, the Panasonic HX-A500 will record up to 4K at 30p and allow you to upload files directly to the web. With a variety of optional accessories like a clip mount, multi-belt and multi-case, the unit is also dustproof for shooting in tough environments and waterproof for submersion of up to 30 minutes at 10 feet. There are three available high-frame-rate resolutions, as well: 1080/60 fps, 720/120 fps and 480p/240 fps. List Price: $399. Contact: Panasonic, www.panasonic.com.


Manfrotto‘s Sympla 2.0 modular camera rig system for HDSLRs, interchangeable-lens camcorders and other lightweight systems provides support of camera equipment in an ergonomic, ENG-like shoulder-mount setup. With included swivel-joint handles, the Sympla 2.0 system is available in two complete configurations: the Lightweight Shoulder-Mounted Rig and SYMPLA Universal Mount. Additional options add features to the system like a padded shoulder mount, adjustable camera offset, counterweight adjustment and rod support for other peripherals and remotes, as well as compatibility with the previously available Fig Rig stabilization system. List Price: $1,028 (SYMPLA Universal Mount); $778 (Lightweight Shoulder-Mounted Rig). Contact: Manfrotto, www.manfrotto.us.


Offered as an economic alternative to the more powerful Odyssey7Q, the Odyssey7 from Convergent Design is a 1280×800 OLED monitor and external video recorder that houses many of the same features as the 7Q, but with fewer features and single in/out connections instead of double. As a recorder, the unit supports HD video in Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) at up to 1080/30p/60i and 720/60p. Available in 256 GB or 512 GB capacities, slots for SSD drives will build swappable capacity for up to 330 minutes of 1080/24p video. HD signals are cross-converted and output over SDI and HDMI simultaneously. The Odyssey7Q will support uncompressed files and several pro codecs that the Odyssey7 doesn’t. Convergent Design says firmware updates will add further support. Monitor functions include advanced image analysis tools like waveform, histogram, false cool, focus assist and pixel zoom. List Price: $1,295 (Odyssey7); $2,295 (Odyssey7Q). Contact: Convergent Design, www.convergent-design.com.


The M&#333VI Controller is built for a second operator to control pan, tilt, roll, focus, iris and zoom for cameras mounted to the precision M&#333VI M5, M10 and planned M15 gyroscopic aerial stabilization systems. Mounted to a lightweight, but durable carbon-fiber body with assignable buttons and high-resolution focus knob, zoom control rocker and Shutter/Record start-stop, the ergonomic joystick is designed for tactile feedback to movements. A long-range wireless link works at up to 1,200 feet, and GPS and satellite information can be viewed. The unit can be powered through V-mount batteries or AC adapter. It includes a 5V USB power output, tripod mount and neck strap. List Price: Begins at $3,500. Contact: Freefly Systems, www.freeflysystems.com.