February 2013


Offering an infinitely extendable time-lapse and slider solution with customizable motorized or non-motorized setups, the Stage One slider system from Dynamic Perception weighs only 9.5 pounds in a basic 63-inch configuration while still offering support of up to 15-pound camera systems when laid horizontally. Able to stow in a carry-on bag, the basic Stage One Base Slider Bundle includes a manual slider setup with 42 inches of total travel. A DC Motor Upgrade package is available separately for motorizing the system, or you can purchase the Stage One Motorized Slider Bundle at only $100 more over base price; 21-inch Extension Sets are available for extending the track with or without fixed spans, and there are several compatible components for enhancing the capabilities of the system, including programmable movements with open-source, hackable technologies. Snap-in brackets are available for providing mid-span support, and the custom designed wheel setup offers a friction braking system for setting manual shots. List Price: Begins at $1,150 (Stage One Base Slider Bundle). Contact: Dynamic Perception LLC, (713) 826-2913, [email protected], www.dynamicperception.com.


REDRAY, the first 4K cinema player from RED Digital Cinema, displays true 4K content on displays and monitors, including native 4K .RED files, upscaled .MP4 HD files to Ultra HD (3840×2160) and support of up to 12-bit, 4:2:2 color for reduced artifacts and a heightened cinematic experience. The REDRAY also will output a low 4K data rate of less than 2.5 MB/s for quickly delivering an entire 4K feature film on a USB flash drive or across an OTT media network. There’s an HDMI port for 7.1-channel LPCM 24-bit, 48 kHz surround sound, as well as an HDMI port for downscaling the 4K master file to 1080p output. For digital signage, a REDRAY can drive up to 4 HD panels or two 4K panels, and multiple REDRAYs can be synchronized for large monitor display wall applications. A REDRAY infrared remote is included, or you can control it from iOS devices and REDRAY’s 802.11n wireless connection. It’s also the only 3D playback system that can screen 4K 3D footage at 48 or 60 fps. The REDRAY contains 1 TB of internal storage, which can hold up to 100 hours of 4K content. External content also can be connected via USB or eSATA, and REDRAY 4K media is protected by REDCrypt file encryption with support of optional ODEMAX DRM. List Price: $1,450. Contact: RED.com Inc., (949) 206-7900, www.red.com.


Featuring 3D particle effects, a range of auto-animating transitions, and unique text and edge treatments, Final Effects Complete AE from Boris FX brings more than 120 designer effects and transitions to Mac and Windows versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro (CS4-CS6). Version 7 of the software incorporates 32-bit float support for smoother rendering, After Effects mask path control integration and Beat Reactor integration for audio-driven effects in Premiere Pro. There are also 10 new filters and transitions, including Difference Blend Wipe, Glow Dissolve, Spiral Blur Dissolve, Toner Dissolve, Threshold Dissolve, Threshold RGB Dissolve, Turbulence Dissolve, Vector Blur Dissolve and Water Waves Dissolve. List Price: $895; $295 (upgrade). Contact: Boris FX, (888) 77-BORIS, www.borisfx.com.


Sporting a two-way remote with Drift Active Status LED alert and on/off tally light, the Drift HD Ghost action HD camcorder uses a color-coded system to indicate Video, Photo, Timelapse or Photoburst modes. Settings can be changed from up to 30 feet away via the wearable remote, and there’s a scratch-resistant, 2-inch Gorilla Glass LCD screen with immediate playback and real-time viewing for checking camera angles. The camera is WiFi-enabled for compatibility with smartphones, including planned iOS and Android apps for changing settings and modes or downloading content directly to your mobile device. The Video Tag/Loop mode captures footage in a continuous loop for "tagging" and saving the best recorded clips from the camera’s memory up to five minutes later. There’s three hours of recording time by charge, and the microphone features Advanced Drift Pure audio technology with digital and mechanical dynamic modulation for heightened digital signal processing and wind-noise reduction. Multiple mic sensitivity settings are included, as well as a 3.5mm stereo jack for external mics. The Drift HD Ghost is waterproof to 9 feet, and a housing is available for deep-water diving down to 180 feet. List Price: $399. Contact: Drift Innovation, www.driftinnovation.com.


The FloLight Microbeam series of LED lights is available in several versions. The studio models are the MicroBeam 512, MicroBeam 800, MicroBeam 1024, "low-profile" MicroBeam 1024-LP and MicroBeam 2048. The MicroBeam 256 and MicroBeam 128 have much more compact form factors for on-camera use, while the studio lights can be controlled through DMX. The line offers extended life through pro battery options, as well, and all FloLight MicroBeams come in Daylight (5600K) or Tungsten (3200K) with your choice of spot (30º) or flood (60º) beam angles. List Price: Begins at $299. Contact: FloLight LLC, (408) 866-9100, www.flolight.com.


ikan produces several camera rigs, including the EV2 DragonFly, an affordable and lightweight handheld rig. Ideally sized for smaller cameras like video DSLRs and the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera, the DragonFly incorporates multiple 1⁄4"-20 attachment points on both the top and bottom of the rig for customizable rig setups with a variety of accessory mounting points for lights, monitors and mics. The system incorporates bright yellow, heavy-duty rubberized handles for comfort and sweat absorption. It weighs only 1.2 pounds and includes a hex key for quick assembly and disassembly to easily carry the collapsible system. There are also accessories available like articulating arms. List Price: Begins at $149. Contact: ikan Corporation, (713) 272-8822, www.ikancorp.com.