Releases December 2011


With modular components, interchangeable lenses and remote-control operation over interaxial distance and convergence, the Meduza MK1 enables filmmakers to capture single-system 3D in a variety of modes. Eliminating the need for complicated mirror rigs with their gears, cables, cameras and lenses, the base camera unit weighs less than 15 pounds, and available head configurations expand the capabilities as needed, including HD at 160 fps in one configuration, 2K at over 100 fps in another configuration and 4K at 60 fps in a third. For adjusting convergence, there are changeable interaxial adjustments from between 38mm to 110mm with accuracy of a half-micron.


The Meduza MK1 is designed for use with the matched Delta 4K S3D Meduza Optics, which have been built with a compact, 38mm-wide mechanical barrel for close interaxial positioning and motorized focus and iris controls for precise 3D and 4K image capture. The custom-made, adjustable mattebox prevents dust and environmental conditions from affecting the camera and optics, and it allows a single filter to cover both lenses. The head of the Meduza MK1 contains the camera sensors, interaxial mechanics and convergence, while the backs, which determine data transfer and other specs, are available separately. Further upgrades and options are planned, including higher frame rates and 4K resolutions in both 16:9 and 4:3 formats. Leasing options are available with free upgrades. List Price: Begins at $40,000 (head); Begins at $8,000 (backs). Contact: Meduza Sales, +44 7785 378727,


Featuring the same sensor, image processing, build quality, workflows and image quality as the popular ARRI ALEXA high-end professional camcorder system, the ALEXA M is a new configuration of the modular camera system that separates the camera into a front-end head unit that weighs less than seven pounds and a separate recording body. RAW sensor data can be pulled through at up to approximately 18 gigabits per second using a hybrid fiber-optic cable that also can be used to power the head, and a copper cable is planned for data transmission over greater distances. The unique setup is designed for better use with 3D camera applications and 3D rigs, as well as remote shooting, aerial photography and shoots where safety is a concern like action scenes. Video, sound and metadata can be recorded onto SxS PRO cards or external recording devices, and just like the ALEXA, the ALEXA M offers a PL mount and compatibility with ARRI accessories. List Price: Approximately $82,000. Contact: ARRI Inc., Bill Russell, (818) 841-7070 (West Coast), Guenter Noesner, (845) 353-1400 (East Coast),


Vision Research has added two new models to the Phantom v-Series line of high-speed cameras, the v1210 and the v1610. The Phantom v1610 has the ability to acquire more than 16,000 fps at full resolution and up to a monstrous 1,000,000 fps at reduced resolution, while the v1210 offers more than 12,000 fps in full resolution. Both cameras feature 12-bit pixel depth and high-definition, widescreen 1280×800 CMOS sensors with 28-micron pixels for better low-light sensitivity. The v1210 is available with 12 GB, 24 GB, 48 GB or 96 GB of onboard memory, and the v1610 can be configured at 24 GB, 48 GB or 96 GB. On-camera controls (OCC) circumvent the need for computer control over the high-speed systems, and inputs and outputs include time-code, dual power inputs, HD-SDI, GPS input, camera synchronization and trigger. The lens mount is a Nikon F-mount, and Canon EOS, PL and C mounts are also available. List Price: Begins at $100,000. Contact: Vision Research, (973) 696-4500,


Built for demanding news and broadcast production environments, the JVC GY-HM150 PROHD camcorder offers full HD 1080p, 1080i and 720p recording in a variety of frame and bit rates, including .MOV files for native Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere editing, as well as native .MP4 files for working in other NLE systems. A new encoder and digital signal processor deliver improved HD recording over previous models while also adding support for standard definition in 480i as standard DV files (.AVI or .MOV). The GY-HM150 records to nonproprietary SDHC media cards, including SDXC cards currently available in capacities of up to 128 GB. A relay mode provides uninterrupted recording, with simultaneous recording to both memory cards for instant backup or a client copy, and a new Pre Rec retro cache feature continuously records and stores up to five seconds of footage in cache memory to prevent missed shots. Other features include an upgraded LCD monitor, a color viewfinder, a 3.5mm input for an optional wired remote control, a time-lapse (interval) recording option and a Clip Cutter feature for trimming clips in-camera. The GY-HM150 includes a shotgun mic and two XLR audio inputs with phantom power and manual audio level controls with meter. The system with battery weighs only about three pounds. List Price: $3,495. Contact: JVC U.S.A., (800) 526-5308,


For mobile broadcasters and shoots on location, the Cinedeck RX is a rack-mountable, multiformat, multichannel HD-SDI recorder, monitor and playback system in a single unit. The Cinedeck RX captures in most popular production formats with support for Avid DNxHD formats, Apple ProRes formats including 4444, CineForm and uncompressed 444 (10-bit) or 422 (8- or 10-bit). The double dual-stream feature provides simultaneous file capture to a pair of disks for your choice of four identical redundant files or one feed with two different compression formats and a redundant copy of each. Video is monitored in real time with a high-resolution, seven-inch display that includes an array of image-analysis tools like edge focus, clipping, waveform, vectorscope, and histogram. There’s support for up/down/cross conversion, and the intuitive interface is touch-screen. The Cinedeck RX is network-accessible with a compact size of only 4RU (half-rack). List Price: Begins at $14,995. Contact: Cinedeck, (212) 366-7277,


With a zoom ratio of 2.7x, a fast wide-open aperture of T2.8 and weight under 4.4 pounds, the Optimo 45-120mm S35mm zoom lens for PL-mount digital and film cameras is efficiently built for handheld, Steadicam or crane work while still packing in enough range to work with close-ups. The lens includes an optical design to avoid breathing and features like 320º focus rotation with more than 50 precise focus witness marks. The zoom range can be pushed up to a possible 240mm at T5.6 with an optional 2x extender for even more shooting possibilities, and the lens is also compatible with a 1.4x extender. The lens complements two other Optimo zoom lenses, the 15-40mm and 28-76mm, for a three-zoom set that covers a complete focal range of 15-120mm. Angénieux also offers interchangeable mounts for using the 45-120mm on DSLR cameras with APS-C-format sensors. List Price: TBA. Contact: Thales Angénieux, (973) 812-3858,


With a large, 17-inch LCD screen, 3 Gb/s SDI video inputs and centralized network-based control for color matching across multiple monitors, the affordable SmartView HD monitor from Blackmagic Design can handle all HD, SD and 3 Gb/s SDI video standards in a 6-rack-unit-sized chassis that’s less than one inch thick. The SmartView HD can be used in equipment racks for postproduction houses, in multi-monitor video walls in master control rooms and for camera monitoring with switchers. All screens can be remotely adjusted via Ethernet networks for color matching, and the included Mac and Windows software will adjust all monitors from a central location, even with copying and pasting of monitor settings. SmartView HD includes full tally features for live broadcasting, including tally input with red, green or blue tally indication. Estimated Street Price: $895. Contact: Blackmagic Design, (408) 954-0500,


Tiffen has updated its Dfx Digital Filter Suite with more than 10 brand-new filters, enhanced multiprocessor acceleration and operational improvements that allow the plug-in interface to run without exiting host programs. Tiffen Dfx v3 Video/Film simulates more than 2,000 effects, including optical filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grains, color correction, and natural light and photographic effects. One Tiffen Dfx v3 license will allow it to run in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid editing systems and other image-enhancing programs if installed on the same machine. New highlights include the Color Shadow look so popular in iPod commercials, DeBand for removing banding artifacts, DeBlock for removing high-compression artifacts, DeNoise for working with grain and noise, Key Light for adding directional or point lights to a scene after it has been shot and Film Stocks for more than 100 color and black-and-white film stocks. List Price: $599. Contact: Tiffen Company, (631) 273-2500,


The Redrock Micro LiveLens MFT adapts Canon EF lenses to the Micro Four Thirds system of camcorders and still cameras like the Panasonic AG-AF100 camcorder, Panasonic GH2 video-capable DSLR and Olympus series of digital PEN cameras. The LiveLens MFT provides the power and electronics for controlling the Canon EF lenses when attached, and the control touchpad allows opening and closing of the lens’ full aperture range in its native stop increments (1⁄3 or 1⁄5 increments, depending on the lens). Most currently available EF lenses are compatible, including variable-aperture zooms, primes, L-series professional lenses and many third-party EF-compatible lenses. Constructed of machined aluminum, the system is compact at a weight of less than six ounces, and it’s planned to be limited edition, so act fast. List Price: $442. Contact: Redrock Micro, (888) 214-3903,


The economical ACE Tripod System from Sachtler has a low payload range of up to 8.8 pounds, ideal for smaller camcorders and DSLR filmmaking systems with mounted accessories. With three vertical and three horizontal grades of drag (+0), the Synchronized Actuated (SA) drag produces precise panning and tilting and soft, finely graded damping. The 75mm fluid head has a tilt range of +90º to -75º with a 5-step counterbalance, and construction is especially light thanks to glass fiber reinforced composite material. There’s a long 104mm sliding camera plate. List Price: $615. Contact: Sachtler, (845) 268-0100,


The transparent Petrol Rain Cover for HD DSLRs protects DSLR cameras with up to a 70-200mm lens from rain and other inclement weather. The rigid front hood section is outfitted with a hot-shoe connector that keeps it stabilized on the camera. A 6-inch polypropylene track on the top of the hood allows for the addition of an on-camera light or wireless receiver, and the material is transparent polyurethane for visibility and access to camera controls. The one-piece design is easy to install, and a front section with ripstop fabric attaches to the cover to provide additional shielding with telephoto lenses. List Price: $99. Contact: Petrol Bags, (845) 268-0100,


Constructed with a durable, water-resistant material, the Expandable Sling Bag from ikan is an ideal solution for protecting and transporting your camera and lens when on location, even in bad weather. Quick-release straps make removing the bag simple, and a side mesh pouch with drawstring is included for housing additional, smaller items or bottles. There’s also a smartphone-sized accessory pocket, a removable padded insert for reinforcing the structure of the bag, an adjustable shoulder strap and accessory webbing. List Price: $69. Contact: ikan Corp., (713) 272-8822,


For up to 20 times the transfer rate speed of USB 2.0 and up to 12 times the speed of FireWire 800, the 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display includes two channels of 10 Gb/s throughput in both directions through the single Thunderbolt port. Designed for use with Thunderbolt-enabled Mac notebooks and computers, the Thunderbolt connection is the latest technology in data transfer, allowing editing to be performed on uncompressed video files even when working on a laptop. As many as six devices can be daisy-chained into the single Thunderbolt I/O port, and the 2560×1440-pixel display also includes three powered USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire 800 port, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a Kensington security slot. The widescreen display has a 16:9 aspect ratio and in-plane switching (IPS) display technology for a 178º viewing angle. LED backlight technology provides uniform brightness and fast startup. The Thunderbolt Display includes a MagSafe connector that powers and charges attached MacBooks. List Price: $999. Contact: Apple, (800) MY-APPLE,


Ideal for use in documentaries, interviews and commercial work where direct eye contact with the viewer is desirable, the EyeDirect HDV is an 18x8x5-inch mirror box that allows subjects being interviewed on smaller camcorders and HD DSLRs to look directly at the interviewer while also looking directly into the lens of the camera. Without the need for electricity, the one-piece optical beamsplitter uses a three-axis glass mirror for establishing direct eye contact with the subject, even if the camera is above or below the subject. The 4.25-pound EyeDirect HDV can be placed on the right or left side of the camera for accommodating lone operation or camera operator-interviewer teams. It can double as a teleprompter with the optional 9-inch USB LCD monitor or iPad mounting accessory. A larger EyeDirect 16×9 is available for studio and set use with larger camera models. List Price: $1,195 (EyeDirect HDV); $1,495 (EyeDirect 16×9); $225 (EyeDirect HDV Teleprompter Monitor). Contact: EyeDirect, (214) 850-7063,


For HD DSLRS and accessories, the compact Flashpoint DSLR Shoulder Rig Spider Spread bracket offers support for your video-capable DSLR. With handle bars for industry-standard 15mm rods, a nonslip rest pad is included on the handgrips, and there are a variety of interfaces for connecting video lights, LCD monitors, supporting frames and other equipment. The design is foldable for easy carrying and stowing. Estimated Street Price: $99. Contact: Adorama, (800) 223-2500,


The Croma LED light from Litepanels is ideal as a dimmable light source for use on-camera or off. With a soft light output in variable color temperatures from daylight (5600º K) to tungsten (3200º K), Croma is a versatile continuous light solution for videographers who have to work frequently between different light environments. Color temperature and lighting intensity are controlled through two ergonomic dials. Output ranges all the way from zero to 100% without noticeable color shift, and Croma draws only 9 watts of power while providing the equivalent luminance output of 40W-90W traditional fixtures. Power can be supplied through AA batteries, an optional AC adapter or a DV Adapter Plate designed for Sony, Canon or Panasonic DV battery packs. A carrying case and diffusion gel filter kit are included. List Price: $615. Contact: Litepanels, (818) 752-7009,


Available in three models, the Bella Corporation has released a system of editing products that highlight the variety of keyboard shortcuts available to Final Cut Pro X users. The Professional Series Keyboard has a built-in jog/shuttle controller, dual USB 2.0 ports and a NeoLite dual-LED 12-inch gooseneck light for illuminating the keyboard. The Advantage Series Keyboard includes colored, multimedia and icon-coded keys, just as the Professional Series, but it’s a more economical design. The Color Shortcut Stickers feature the shortcut names, icons and color grouping of actions for fast and efficient editing navigation. The stickers are available separately or free with purchase of Bella’s DV Keyboard. List Price: $129.95 (Professional Series Keyboard); $69.95 (Advantage Series Keyboard); $99.95 (DV Keyboard); $24.95 (Color Stickers). Contact: Bella Corporation, (818) 563-9500,


For gathering, syncing and recording the metadata necessary for optimizing and streamlining 3D postproduction processes, the I/O Module from Element Technica gives 3D filmmakers a comprehensive tool for recording various streams of metadata from the rig control, lens control and external devices. The basic I/O Module includes three metadata inputs, a time-code input and a multiplexed metadata/time-code output that can be expanded by daisy-chaining additional I/O Modules. A single I/O Module can intake and collate three metadata streams, including T3D rig control, ET and Preston or C-Motion lens control, as well as streams generated by camera platforms like the Libra Head and compatible VFX tracking systems. Referred to as a super-stream, the time-code stamped combination of the streams is recorded to an on-board microSD card and is also available for streaming to cameras like the RED Epic for working with the R3D file structure. Users can interface the I/O Module through a PC application or the iOS iPhone application for configurations and monitoring of metadata while shooting. ET’s I/O Module is designed to capture metadata from the company’s Technica 3D line of stereoscopic rigs, including the Quasar, Pulsar and Neutron, as well as the Atom for RED Epic cameras. List Price: $3,400 (Technica 3D I/O Module); $5,900 (I/O Module for Broadcast Lenses). Contact: Element Technica, (323) 641-7327,


With two Thunderbolt ports for incredible levels of data transfer speeds and daisy-chaining multiple Thunderbolt peripherals, the Io XT video input/output device from AJA connects to a Thunderbolt-enabled Apple computer through a single interface for a complete HD editing system on a laptop. In addition to the wide range of supported capture and playback formats, the Io XT also provides 10-bit hardware up/down/cross conversion of formats for unifying disparate video files. The Io XT is compatible with most popular NLE programs, codecs, video formats and stereoscopic 3D workflows. Some of the features include two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs, single-link SDI 4:2:2 support, single- and dual-link SDI 4:4:4 support, HDMI input and output with support for 3D, 10-bit analog HD/SD component and composite output, 8-channel embedded SDI audio I/O, and 8-channel balanced analog audio output with an optional DB-25 cable. Uncompressed I/O allows capture, monitoring and mastering to Apple ProRes, DVCProHD, CineForm, Avid DNxHD and more. List Price: $1,495. Contact: AJA Video Systems, Inc., (800) 251-4224,