Moving Pictures

Production tools that move the camera to help bring the audience into a scene

While great literature excels at portraying complex internal thought processes and motives, great cinema always has excelled at capturing the sheer kinetic energy of motion and delighting audiences with car chases, crazy stunts and the restless forward momentum of modern society. And how you move the camera to capture that kinetic energy not only is... Read more

A Unique Search Engine

Constellation VCM is poised to take tiered storage techniques to the next level

Constellation VCM (Video Content Manager) is the new, innovative integrated storage-management and archive-management system for professional video environments, developed by Media Distributors and SoleraTec, with an end-user interface that offers full search, retrieve and manipulation capabilities for video and project files, without touching the... Read more

Cut The Wire

New technology enables productions to capture high-def signals wirelessly

Let’s start with a caveat: This is not, for want of a better phrase, a technology article. Learning about the emerging age of HD wireless transmission primarily is about artistic freedom: to go anywhere, shoot anything in HD and not be encumbered by wires and cables. A second caveat: This is not about "TV." Now that HD digital video... Read more

Optics Within Reach

Priced-to-purchase lenses join the digital cinema revolution

Many people will argue that it’s not so much what’s behind the camera, in terms of capture medium or format, but what you put in front of the camera in the way of lenses that matters most. And while this debate rages on the set, fodder for these arguments is being offered annually by those who set the standard for high-quality glass. Motion-picture... Read more

October 2009

The SI-3D, Silicon Imaging’s stereoscopic camera setup for capturing high-definition 3-D video, is an evolution in 3-D setups. Conventional systems use independent left and right cameras to capture two channels of video.

Releases October 2009
NOW AVAILABLE IN 3-D The SI-3D, Silicon Imaging’s stereoscopic camera setup for capturing high-definition 3-D video, is an evolution in 3-D setups. Conventional systems use independent left and right cameras to capture two channels of video. The SI-3D circumvents the elaborate postprocessing involved in correcting alternating color controls, record... Read more

Converging Lines

Where still and motion photography meet

You’d think that the convergence of still and motion photography has always been inevitable. Up until recently, though, even with the proliferation of digital still cameras and digital HD cameras, the lines between still and motion cameras were still drawn in the sand. Other than the relatively low-quality "movie modes" typically seen... Read more

At A Glance: G-Speed eS PRO

A high-speed, big-capacity RAID solution designed for the high demands of video-editing applications

No production crew wants to have to worry about damaged or lost video. From initial capture to final edit, it’s imperative that workflows are failsafe, secure and accessible, and the only way to guarantee that costly reshoots don’t happen is to back up files. The challenge is that video files are big, bulky and difficult to store and transfer,... Read more

Encore Cinema

Redrock Micro’s new cinema lens adapter, the M2 Encore, enables video shooters to get that elusive 35mm-film look

With the cost of film and postproduction services (not to mention gear rental), shooting a feature in 35mm film isn’t feasible for most indie filmmakers. But for the vast majority working in digital cinematography, obtaining that "35mm-film look" is their "Holy Grail." So what defines a 35mm-film look, and how does a shooter... Read more

Live On The Web

To reach a global audience, broadcasters look to the Internet to stream news, sports, music and other events

If you haven’t had to consider streaming video as part of the high-def production process, you probably will soon. For example, last November, the MTV Europe Music Awards (MTVEMA) sent out over 800,000 live streams of the awards’ red-carpet wraparound show. You’ve probably pasted clips onto a website, but squeezing a video file down... Read more

Testing The Limits

Organized by the Producers Guild of America and the American Society of Cinematographers, the Camera Assessment Series analyzes top-notch HD cameras

An unprecedented event occurred a few months ago at the Universal Studios lot in Burbank, Calif. The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) teamed up with the Producers Guild of America (PGA) to test eight professional cameras, together for the first time, to better understand the benefits of today’s digital camera systems. "The entire... Read more


Tools that offer movement, rigging and control beyond the usual C-stands and sandbags

Much of the focus in production is devoted to trying to keep up with the dizzying array of new video formats, codecs and cameras, plus the maze of postproduction gear and challenges that we all must be aware of. New innovations in grip and lighting gear often are overlooked by producers, directors and DPs. It’s too easy for us to take grip gear... Read more