Delivering The Goods

Sony releases the F65, a true 4K camera system that may change the game

In the past year, the ARRI ALEXA and the RED EPIC have been scoring points with some of the best filmmakers in the world, including Martin Scorsese (Hugo), Peter Jackson (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) and David Fincher (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Many in the industry were wondering what Sony would come up with next, even though its flagship... Read more

At A Glance: Hang On To Your EF Lenses

Redrock Micro’s LiveLens MFT

The Panasonic AG-AF100 was the first large-sensor camcorder to hit the market, and because of its ability to capture full 1920×1080 HD to SD cards, 4⁄3-inch image sensor and relatively low price point ($4,995), the camera quickly became popular with indie filmmakers. Now that the video industry has shifted toward large CMOS sensors in hopes... Read more

Next-Gen Lighting

Let’s take a look at the latest offerings that expand and redefine LED lighting for 2012.

Users have gone LED crazy, and it seems as if the development of new tungsten, fluorescent and HMI lighting has been largely overshadowed by user demand for new forms of LED lighting. LEDs are typically smaller, weigh less, consume less power, give off far less heat, and are greener and more efficient than any other form of lighting used in television... Read more


Demonstrated by Rampart, the line between production and post continues to blur

In 2009, The Messenger brought home two Oscar® nominations, including one for Best Original Screenplay, shared by Alessandro Camon and director Oren Moverman. The film earned plaudits throughout the festival circuit and was recognized as Best First Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards. Moverman’s latest project, Rampart, reunited him with... Read more

Releases December 2011

A relay mode provides uninterrupted recording, with simultaneous recording to both memory cards for instant backup or a client copy, and a new Pre Rec retro cache feature continuously records and stores up to five seconds of footage in cache memory to prevent missed shots.

SINGE-CAMERA 3D With modular components, interchangeable lenses and remote-control operation over interaxial distance and convergence, the Meduza MK1 enables filmmakers to capture single-system 3D in a variety of modes. Eliminating the need for complicated mirror rigs with their gears, cables, cameras and lenses, the base camera unit weighs less than... Read more

At A Glance: Go Wide

The Canon EF 8-15mm ƒ/4L fisheye zoom lens

Most of us are familiar with the distorted 180° angle of view that a fisheye presents. Similar to the peephole of a door, a foreground subject close to the lens will appear much closer and larger than the background, while the background will curve in an exaggerated distortion. The possibilities of the complete 180º field of view provided by a... Read more

Splish Splash

Air Sea Land Productions’ T-Bag helps keep Boardwalk Empire and The Big C dry

The 2010 fall season saw two new preeminent Emmy®-nominated cable series open with titles that featured under-water cinematography. Both programs, Showtime’s The Big C and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, utilized shots that were captured with RED ONE cameras, protected in splashbags conceived in New York City by Air Sea Land (ASL) Productions,... Read more

Through The DSLR Looking Glass

Choosing the right lens package for your DSLR

Many months after the introduction of innovative detachable-lens video cameras like Sony’s NEX-FS100U and Panasonic’s AG-AF100, digital single-lens-reflex cameras like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D and Nikon’s new D7000 continue to enjoy robust sales among video shooters. Why? Undoubtedly, some of it’s simply economics.... Read more

At A Glance: Sony NEX-7

At A Glance: Sony NEX-7

The Sony NEX-7 with an LA-EA2 mount adapter, which enables much faster phase-detection autofocus. As the worlds of stills and HD video continue to merge, we’ve seen a number of interesting mirrorless cameras, aka DSLMs (digital single-lens mirrorless), released in the past year. The cameras are so new that a consensus acronym... Read more

Posting DSLRs

HDVP examines numerous tips and tools for creating a professional DSLR workflow

It’s edging close to the two-year mark since DSLRs were first used on professional motion-picture and TV productions. Back then, it was an open question whether DSLRs could find a home in mainstream production or whether using them constituted a one-off production trial. Equally important was whether the postproduction zeitgeist could easily adapt... Read more