Shot Support

New fluid heads and tripods for your digital motion-picture camera system

It’s important to remember that for tripod and fluid heads, the ones you don’t notice while shooting are the best kind. Although tripod systems aren’t the sexiest gear to read (or write) about, you’re probably well aware that a stable tripod system is the best investment a shooter can make since a subpar tripod system can ruin... Read more

April 2013

With the release of the new ALEXA XT, perhaps the biggest winner is data recorder company Codex Digital. All XT models contain the new XR Module, a side panel that was developed with Codex to replace the SxS Module.

First Look: ARRI ALEXA XT ARRIRAW, true anamorphic capture and internal ND (but no 4K) By Neil Matsumoto The ARRI ALEXA was introduced in 2010, and in just a few short years, the camera has taken over the professional production space with cinematographers widely considering it to be the first "film-style" digital motion-picture camera.... Read more

The Mini-Blockbuster

4K, Protunes and CineForm Studio propel GoPro’s HERO3 Black Edition to cinematic heights

Back in 1999, GoPro founder-CEO Nick Woodman wanted to create a camera that would enable surfers to take high-quality stills, and in 2004, GoPro released its first camera, a 28mm wrist camera that shot 35mm film. As digital technology and video-sharing websites exploded, the small upstart company became synonymous with the social-media generation,... Read more

Full-Frame Fever

With their monster-sized CMOS sensors, the Sony NEX-VG900 and SLT-A99 deliver big-screen results for filmmakers

Keeping pace with Sony cameras is getting difficult, as in recent years the company has released a "Murderer’s Row" of cameras for filmmakers. Just two years ago, the NEX-VG10 was released and was branded a revolutionary product since it was the first consumer camcorder to contain an APS-C sensor. Now, Sony has clearly swung for the... Read more

At A Glance: Slyde Away

The Digital Juice Slyder Dolly

The biggest difference between still photography and motion-picture production is camera movement. When camera moves are performed well, they not only boost your film’s production value, but they also can elevate a scene artistically. For narrative films, dolly moves are the most common and professional-looking. The only problem for indie filmmakers... Read more

At A Glance: Video Stock Options

Gaining extra sales from footage through Shutterstock’s royalty-free stock offerings

Video content is exploding online, and as the need for high-impact visuals and graphics proliferates, so does the need for original content that’s available at affordable rates. Top sellers can bring in thousands of dollars a month, and while it takes a lot of focus to reach this level of sales, even casual users can make a few hundred extra... Read more

February 2013

The Ready Rig is comprised of two adjustable rods that are attached to a spring-loaded back support and a camera mount with nearly 180º of tilt.

SONY 4K CINEALTAS Sony is celebrating two new additions to the historic CineAlta family. The PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 camcorders offer a healthy set of specifications that includes 16-bit RAW video recording and an electronic global shutter in the F55 to eliminate rolling shutter skew and flash band effects. The cameras feature newly constructed 4K Super... Read more

At A glance: iStockvideo

Cut your budget and recycle footage for profit by exploring the world of stock video sales

If you have a library of footage that’s sitting around collecting digital dust, it may be the right time for some spring cleaning. The demand for video content is exploding online, and the unedited clips and unused footage that you’ve collected over the years just may be worth something. Several sites like BBC Worldwide (T3Media), Getty... Read more

Compact Slo-Mo

Cinematographer Jim Geduldick uses Vision Research’s Phantom Miro to capture action sports

Earlier this year when cinematographer Jim Geduldick first heard that Vision Research was developing their new Phantom Miro M120 and M320S high-speed cameras, he went straight to the U.S. distributor, AbelCine, about the possibility of being the first DP to use it on a project. With his background in shooting action sports, Geduldick had the idea of... Read more

Breaking The Imaging Barrier

Sensor technology moves from film parody to film parity and beyond

Modern digital cinema cameras continue to evolve at breathtaking speed. Light sensitivity, resolution and dynamic range have increased exponentially in just the past few years. While modern cameras are highly dependent on lens technology, processing, storage and the advanced electrical engineering that allows for innovative new features, at the center... Read more