At A Glance: Zacuto DSLR Recoil Rig

Convert your DSLR or pro camcorder into an ENG solution

An entire industry has erupted around making video-capable DSLRs more capable for video. The diminutive cameras are ideal for shooting from small areas, but are absolutely uncomfortable for handholding during long takes, as well as difficult to use for fluid camera movements. Zacuto’s DSLR Recoil kit is designed as a shoulder-mount support system... Read more

April 2014

Thanks to large 28-micron pixels, the camera has an extended dynamic range at 12-bit depth per pixel and very high sensitivity, even in low light, with ISO 5000 available for color images and up to ISO 25,000 for monochromatic shots.

SLOW-MO Offering high-speed frame rates of more than 22,000 frames per second at full resolution, the Phantom v2010 promises ultra-high-speed video capture. The v2010 is capable of generating frames of up to 22 gigapixels per second on the custom-designed 1280×800 CMOS 1-megapixel sensor. Thanks to large 28-micron pixels, the camera has an extended... Read more

At A Glance: Squeeze It!

Sorenson Squeeze 9 simplifies the encoding process

Since you spent the time to make sure your project looks great, it’s important to make sure it still looks great when it’s compressed. While many applications let you "export" or "share" your video, they often don’t give you the controls you might need to eke out the best quality. Sorenson Squeeze has long been... Read more

Dawn Of The Replicator

3D printing stands to disrupt camera and support gear

Three years ago at CES, pundits of the 3D printing industry declared that everyone will have a 3D printer in their home in the near future. Since that time, manufacturers of these devices switched their R&D and marketing efforts to make more consumer-friendly printers. Just in the past year, 3D printers have vastly improved, boasting faster speeds... Read more

On The Move

A first look at ARRI’s new shoulder-mount, documentary-style camera, the AMIRA

It’s no secret that the ARRI ALEXA is a well-executed digital cinema camera that has become a favorite for projects as diverse as blockbuster theatrical releases and popular television series over the past few years. The ALEXA is even being used to shoot commercials and music videos, as well. The camera’s very organic image quality, dynamic... Read more

Raw Power

Not much bigger than a smartphone, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera contains a secret weapon

For two straight years, Australian-based company Blackmagic Design stole the show at NAB. In 2012, the announcement of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera rocked the show floor, with its interchangeable EF mount and the ability to capture 2.5K RAW CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes files for a price less than $3,000. (The current price has come down miraculously to... Read more

The 4K Consumer Shooter

At $4,499, is Sony’s FDR-AX1 the most important camera in the 4K push?

Although the 4K RED ONE was released way back in 2007, Sony has been one of the leading companies behind the 4K push, launching 4K digital cinema cameras like the F65, F55 and F5 for high-end motion pictures. But with the exception of JVC’s GY-HMQ10 ($5,500 list) and Sony’s own FS700R ($8,686.05, camera body only), most of your 4K cameras... Read more

February 2014

The camera is capable of recording to dual SD cards simultaneously with a Relay Auto Switch that allows you to capture backups or extend capture from one card to the other in order to gain extended shooting time.

SHOULDER-MOUNT AVCCAM Ideal for weddings, conferences, documentaries, events, exhibits and fieldwork, the extremely affordable Panasonic AG-AC8PJ camcorder offers a wide range of file capture at up to 1080/60p in 28 Mbps/VBR, as well as several compressed formats and 1080/1440 in 60i and 720/60p/i. Intelligent auto (iA) resolution technology preserves... Read more

MFT Rising

Why Micro Four Thirds is a good option for low-budget filmmakers

The Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system was started by Olympus and Panasonic back in 2008 for mirrorless interchangeable-lens digital cameras. The format contains the same sensor specs as the Four Thirds system, but the MFT design doesn’t have a mirror box and pentaprism, allowing the camera bodies to be even smaller with a shorter flange focal distance... Read more

December 2013

he Phantom HD OLED electronic viewfinder has full HD resolution with a variety of overlay menus and display modes, while both component- and HD-SDI-based viewfinders are also supported.

TRAYS IN THE UPRIGHT POSITION The Media Tools stand from Matthews is capable of supporting computers, laptops and other payloads weighing up to 35 pounds. The tray is equipped with a 3⁄8" female thread on the bottom for use with tripods and mounts. A removable 5⁄8" baby adapter will also mount it to light stands or other hardware. The... Read more