December 2014

The Super Sonic wave Motor drive, iris and autofocus have all been constructed for silent operation while the lens itself also includes dust and moisture resistance.

LIGHTWEIGHT SHOULDER-MOUNT Offering 10-bit, 4:2:2 AVC-ULTRA alongside low-bit-rate formats for high-speed wireless transmission, the Panasonic AJ-PX800 shoulder-mount camcorder with a 2.2-megapixel, 2⁄3-inch-type 3MOS (RGB) sensor is a new shoulder-mount solution ideally suited for ENG and documentary crowds. At a weight of slightly more than... Read more

Last Action Hero

GoPro lives up to its name with the release of the 4K HERO4 Black

GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, who was looking for a cheaper way to capture pro-quality surfing shots. Thanks to the rise of social media and digital camera technology, GoPro is now a public company worth billions, and even has aspirations of becoming a media company, as well. The micro action cam has put our new "selfie" culture... Read more

The DSLR Evolution

Back in 2008, Canon released the EOS 5D Mark II, which forever changed the way we shoot video.

WOODEN CAMERA 4K MOD + PL MOUNT; REDROCK MICRO RETROFLEX Back in 2008, Canon released the EOS 5D Mark II, which forever changed the way we shoot video. It was an act of rebellion, as novice and pro shooters alike traded their dedicated video camcorders in lieu of video-enabled DSLRs. Thus, the DSLR Revolution was born, and with it, an... Read more

Sony a7S

For photographers, mirrorless cameras have come a long way.

Main Features Of The Sony a7S • Full-frame image sensor (35.8×23.9mm) • Wide ISO sensitivity (ISO 200-409,600) for movies • Captures 15.3 stops of latitude • Captures XAVC S files at 50 Mb/s • S-Log2 gamma expands dynamic range by up to 1300% • Can output UHD (3840×2160)... Read more

4K In The Real World

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 offers a plethora of pro video features

KEY SPECS • 4K video recording in Cinema 4K (4096×2160/24 fps) and QFHD 4K (3840×2160/up to 24/25/30 fps in MOV/MP4) • 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS Micro 4/3 sensor • VFR (variable frame rate up to 96 fps in 1080p) time-lapse shot/stop-motion animation capability built in • Professional... Read more

At A Glance: Air Apparent

Miller’s Air Tripod Systems

Due to their small size and inconspicuous nature, the biggest advantage of shooting with a DSLR or compact camcorder is that you’re able to shoot in locations where most full-sized, digital motion-picture cameras can’t. But if you want stabilized shots, you need a solid tripod system—a tool that usually negates a DSLR’s small size.... Read more

Smart Allex

Libec’s new tripod system lets you pan, tilt and slide

For event shooters or indie filmmakers, camera movement can bring a ton of production value to a shoestring project, when performed well. Filmmakers like Hitchcock, Scorsese and Spielberg have demonstrated how just a subtle tracking shot can heighten the mood of a scene. Camera movement for indie filmmakers has always been restrictive, mainly due to... Read more

October 2014

With WiFi and NFC for tablet and smartphone access to video capture, the Panasonic HX-A500 will record up to 4K at 30p and allow you to upload files directly to the web.

FAST FRAME RATES Vision Research has released their fastest, ultra-high-speed camera, to date, with frame rates of up to a whopping 25,600 fps at full 1-megapixel resolution. As high-speed photography requires a lot of light, the Phantom v2511 is also their most light-sensitive model, with a max sensitivity of ISO 6400 for color images and ISO... Read more

Go Cine-Style

Tokina Cinema ATX zoom lenses grant indie filmmakers entry into the cinema zoom lens world

With a growing number of "priced-to-own" digital motion-picture cameras being released, such as Blackmagic Design’s URSA and AJA’s CION, shooters who like to own their gear are living it up. But the reality is that these shooters usually expend all of their resources on a camera body when they should be spending it on lenses. After... Read more

When Worlds Collide

Nipros enables live broadcast shooting with 4K digital cinema cameras

At first glance, it seems an incongruous pairing. Imagine shooting a live worldwide broadcast with a dozen RED EPICs, perhaps two handheld Canon EOS C500s and an ARRI ALEXA on a jib arm. Why would you attempt such a thing? The production parameters of live television are generally about as far away from digital cinema production as you can get. Shooting... Read more

At A Glance: Rotolight Anova EcoFlood V2 LED Lights

A technologically advanced lighting system

LED lights are very interesting as a choice for a primary continuous lighting source. While historically associated with poor lighting and shoddy manufacturing, today the technology has continued to increase in capability to the point where we see numerous LED solutions available for professional image capture. They consume only a fraction of the same... Read more

At A Glance: Comodo Orbit

Twin-grip camera rig enables smooth single-shot cinema

As you’ve probably noticed, cameras are becoming much smaller, not to mention better. Recently, Freefly Systems’ Mo VI rig transformed the camera movement industry by allowing camera operators to easily capture smooth shots without the need of a Steadicam (or Steadicam operator). Although the compact Mo VI rig has been a revolutionary... Read more