The Indie Broadcaster

Whether you’re shooting for the small screen or the web, broadcast gear doesn’t have to break your budget

Back in the old days—think 15, even 10 years ago—there was a huge gap when it came to the sort of gear used to shoot big-budget features and TV shows compared to low-budget indies and cash-strapped broadcast productions. But thanks to the digital revolution, and fueled by the insatiable demand of the Internet, the playing field has been leveled... Read more

Motion Pictures

Sliders, jibs and stabilizers that help your camera tell the story

What is cinema? While there are many different definitions that have evolved over the past century, one can think of a common-sense definition of the word as the art or technique of making motion pictures. As digital technology has evolved, the cost of admission to the tools capable of photographing cinema-quality images has rapidly shrunk, as have... Read more

Widescreen In A Digital World

Anamorphic prime and zoom lenses are making a comeback

The anamorphic format was developed during World War I in order to give soldiers a wider view while traveling in tanks. But in the ’50s, with the explosion of television, 20th Century Fox took the technique and created CinemaScope, a marketing ploy to lure audiences back to movie theater seats instead of their couches. So what exactly are anamorphic... Read more

Built For Post

Panasonic releases not one, but two new VariCams, the VariCam 35 and VariCam HS

A decade ago, the original Panasonic AJ-HDC27 VariCam was a ground-breaking technical achievement. It was the first 2⁄3-inch-CCD, high-definition production camera that was capable of variable frame rates. Featuring frame rates that were selectable from 4 fps to 60 fps in single-frame increments, the camera could also change frame rates during recording,... Read more

Compact Broadcaster

Sony’s PXW-X70 XDCAM camcorder delivers the “ENG” experience in a small package

You may have read reports that the camcorder is dead. After all, the masses are now shooting video with their mobile phones, and the rest are shooting motion with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Even with vast improvements in DSLR technology, if shooting video is your primary function, a camcorder is still your best bet, offering features that most hybrid... Read more

Vision Quest

Dolby Vision and new 4K monitors from Panasonic, Canon and Sony are pushing the boundaries of professional on-set monitoring

Monitors have often been treated like second-class citizens intruding in the glamorous world of movies, commercials and TV—respected, but largely unloved. But that’s all changing, as movies, TV and commercial production run to embrace high-resolution digital video and CGI. Now, the lowly monitor has become a star in its own right, as colorists... Read more

The Anvil – Hands-On The Blackmagic URSA

Blackmagic’s URSA weighs a ton, but delivers a professional 4K RAW workflow

For the past few years, Blackmagic Design has been the most forward-thinking company in the industry, creating innovative cameras, software, i/o devices and more. After purchasing DaVinci Resolve five years ago, in 2012, they released the Blackmagic Cinema Camera—a box-like camera that featured a 2.5K sensor and could capture CinemaDNG RAW files,... Read more

The DSLR Evolution

DSLR, mirrorless and compact camera innovations have created a new generation of accessories for motion capture

Back in 2008, Canon released the EOS 5D Mark II, which forever changed the way we shoot video. It was an act of rebellion, as novice and pro shooters alike traded their dedicated video camcorders in lieu of video-enabled DSLRs. Thus, the DSLR Revolution was born, and with it, an entire universe of support gear. Fast-forward six years, and DSLRs are... Read more

Sony a7S

Could the $2,500 compact camera be the king of dynamic range and sensitivity?

Main Features Of The Sony a7S • Full-frame image sensor (35.8×23.9mm) • Wide ISO sensitivity (ISO 200-409,600) for movies • Captures 15.3 stops of latitude • Captures XAVC S files at 50 Mb/s • S-Log2 gamma expands dynamic range by up to 1300% • Can output UHD (3840×2160)... Read more

Light It Up

Taking a look at some of the latest lights and lighting tools for your production

A decade ago, no one was talking about the problems of lighting for digital because traditional Tungsten and HMI lights were dominating the market. What a difference a few years can make. Although Tungsten and HMIs are still popular with cinematographers, a new generation of LEDs has flooded the marketplace, as well as sets. Lighting equipment has... Read more

At A Glance: Hive Lighting Bee Plasma Flood

Plasma lighting is an efficient alternative to hard-light systems like HMI and tungsten

Consuming only 276 watts while outputting roughly the equivalent of a 1000W tungsten or 400W HMI, the Bee Plasma Flood is the first open-face model from Hive Lighting, a company rapidly growing in infamy for its line of high-quality plasma lighting solutions. With a high CRI rating of 94 and consistent, flickerless daylight output of 5600K, the Bee... Read more

Workflow Special: Stepping It Up

The Nikon D750 delivers a better video experience than its predecessors

In the stills world, one can argue that Nikon is the gold standard in the industry, with professional photographers coveting their camera bodies and Nikkor lenses. In terms of their sensors, Nikon currently occupies six of the top 10 positions in the sensor ratings scale, which is based on performance in color depth, dynamic range, low-light... Read more