We’re Lit

Today’s productions are happening at all types of locations—modern stages, remote mountains, sandy deserts, historic buildings and even your neighbor’s backyard. Being able to go with the flow means having the right lighting tools for the job. And that often means portable, expandable, multitasking and, of course, as “green” as the industry can get.

Lighting manufacturers are acutely aware of the wide variety of productions, in style and in budget. That’s why their R&D teams not only are tackling the new and different, but also are scoping out ways to improve what’s already available, both in the market and often in the end user’s bag of tricks.

ARRI, for example, has put together an on-the-go kit that allows the often one-person band a way to carry both daylight and tungsten lights anywhere a production requires. Lowel has a mighty mini-light that fits in the palm of your hand, but packs a powerful punch. Kino Flo, on the other hand, has looked toward making a staple light on most movie sets even more user-friendly and versatile. Add to that a few new lights that are just about to hit the market, and you get a variety of choices, each ready to fit at least one or more of today’s versatile entertainment production.

ARRI H1 Hybrid Kit

ARRI (www.arri.com) is making life on the road a lot easier with its new Hybrid Kits, which feature both LED and tungsten source lighting fixtures, allowing ease of mobility with everything you need in a single suitcase. Combined in a convenient on-the-go package are energy-saving efficiency, control and density with units that draw less than 490 watts at 120 volts.

At the core of these kits is the ARRI LoCaster, a high-output, low-heat, low-power-consuming LED panel that offers a tunable white light source. A special optical design provides single shadow rendering and adjustments over a range of six selectable color-temperature presets and an onboard dimmer. The unique mixing chamber ensures CRI over 90 and a “single source” for shadow quality.

A LoCaster Kit case offers the LoCaster panels and a basic selection of accessories. Kits are configured to hold up to two LoCasters, mounting stirrups, barn doors, power supplies, mounting pins and up to four onboard batteries.

ARRI’s new Hybrid Kits are configured with both LED and tungsten-source lighting fixtures. The kits, as DP/lighting designer Bill Holshevnikoff explains, “allow a shooter to work with both hard and soft light, and provide the ability to manipulate color temperature without having to use gels on the LED source.”

The Hybrid Kits couple the LoCaster with ARRI’s tungsten Fresnel units and are ideal for background and backlight.

The Hybrid Kits are priced from $3,650 to $5,500, depending on configuration.