At A Glance: Cineo TruColor LS LED Light

Offering the same features and high color transmission of the TruColor HS LED light in a much more compact and more affordable fixture, the Cineo TruColor LS LED lamphead is roughly equivalent to a soft 1K light source, offering up to 8000 lumens in an even 160º light spread produced from interchangeable polycarbonate phosphor panels. With front dimensions roughly the size of an iPad, these swappable panels are available in 2700K (household tungsten), 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6500K color temperatures, and Chroma Blue and Chroma Green panels are also planned for chroma key work. These panels are optional purchases, and they’re available at roughly half the cost of comparable models for the TruColor HS systems. The basic TruColor LS Luminaire kit purchase includes the lamphead, power supply and your choice of 3200K tungsten or 5600K daylight panels.

These Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) panels aren’t simply color temperature gels, rather they’re slide-in panels covered in a yellowish phosphor substrate, which then is excited by the light produced by a rear array of bright-blue LED bulbs situated a few inches behind the panel. (This gap helps with cooling and, like many low-heat LED fixtures, the light’s construction also features a large heat sink rather than a fan to avoid any extra noise on set.) In comparison to the individually dipped LED bulbs that you find in most LED solutions, these flat phosphor plates are coated evenly across the entire surface of the plate for a much more consistent output that eliminates the multiple shadows caused by the tiny spaces between the bulbs of an LED array when not using diffusion. Because the substrate isn’t subjected to direct contact with the heat of the LED bulbs, life span is rated for 35,000 hours with the TruColor LS.

The panels control light wavelengths as they pass through so ultraviolet and infrared emissions are significantly reduced, and the fixtures are also guaranteed to be flicker-free at up to 10,000 fps. The RPT process results in reliable color consistency from fixture to fixture, as well as very accurate color transmission. The TruColor LS systems have received very high color-rendering index (CRI) scores of CRI 98 at 2700K/3200K and CRI 97 at 4300K, with daylight 5600K and 6500K producing scores of CRI 94 and CRI 93, respectively. This last June, the TruColor LS and HS models also achieved a rating of 98 at both 3200K and 5600K when subjected to the latest Television Lighting Consistency Index standards (TLCI-2012), an effort from the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) and GTC (Guild of Television Cameramen) to more accurately measure LED and other light sources with television broadcast and displays in mind. Cineo claims this rating surpasses the CRI of fluorescent fixtures and matches the ratings of high-end HMI lights, only there’s a much lower power draw of only 167-watts at peak power consumption, and up to 10 units can be used on a single 15-amp circuit. (The larger HS fixtures draw 450-watts at maximum and are roughly equivalent to 2K soft light sources.)

The TruColor LS uses Remote Phosphor Technology—slide-in panels covered in a yellowish phosphor substrate that become excited by light produced by an array of bright-blue LED bulbs behind the panel.

One of the criticisms of the TruColor HS system was that the required Cineo DX450 power supply was quite heavy, limiting the system’s mobility in the field. With independent DMX control over dimming and operation from 10%-100%, the TruColor LS addresses this problem with the included 4.1-pound Cineo AC150 AC power supply. There are also several other options, like a three-way LS cable splitter that will allow up to three LS lampheads to be run on a single DX450 with independent DMX controls. (The DX450 has also been improved, with a 30% smaller form factor over the previous version at a weight of 12 pounds.) The TruColor LS lamphead itself weighs only 4.7 pounds at dimensions of 9.5x11x3.9 inches, and there are also mounting options available for Cineo power supplies and accessories.

Additional diffusion isn’t required, as the light produced by the RPT process is soft and flattering in nature, but there are several accessories available for enhancing or shaping the light spread like gel frames, louver grids, barn doors, a Chimera softbox kit and mounting brackets. The body is built from anodized alloy with polycarbonate panels, and its components are field-serviceable with a modular design that makes the system fast and easy to repair or update. Bare-bones LS lampheads are also available with a yoke, but without panels or cabling, which are also available separately in several lengths.

Cineo Lighting products are available in the U.S. for rent or purchase through several retailers, including AbelCine, Adorama, Bolt Productions, Barbican, Bulldog Lighting, DPS, DTC, The Electric Light & Power Company, Paskal, Production Resource Group and Shadowstone. Estimated Street Price: $1,170 (Cineo TruColor LS lamphead and yoke without cable and panels); $1,995 (TruColor LS Luminaire Kit 3200K/5600K); $200 (Cineo TruColor LS Phosphor Panel). Contact: Cineo Lighting,