Visual Velocity

Camera chase car innovations bring speed, agility and control to filmmakers

When you see a motion picture or commercial, often there are sequences that beg you to ask the question, "How did they do that?" Unfortunately, today’s audiences tend to dismiss anything that appears as though it may have taken some daring to achieve as coming from a computer. And although it’s true that action sequences that could... Read more

All-In-One Flexibility

The Canon EOS C500’s multiple formats should have you covered now and into the future

2013 has been the year of 4K, and if you believe all of the marketing hype, you can’t be a serious filmmaker if you’re not shooting 4K. At this year’s NAB, everywhere you went 4K cameras and workflow applications were on full display, making 3D a distant memory. In the past year, Sony introduced a successful new line of 4K cameras... Read more

The Big Leagues

After revolutionizing indie filmmaking with the 5D Mark II, Canon’s Cinema EOS line takes aim at Hollywood

With the unexpected success of the 5D Mark II with cinematographers in 2008, Canon became an overnight sensation with the indie film community. In 2011, they set their sights even higher by targeting Hollywood with the launch of their Cinema EOS Division. At a red carpet event hosted by Martin Scorsese at Paramount Studios, they introduced their first... Read more

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Blackmagic Design’s Pocket Cinema Camera wows the NAB crowd

As a journalist covering NAB, your back is against the wall to see as many manufacturers as possible in a short amount of time. That may seem easy enough, but it’s actually a grueling schedule that goes on nine hours a day for four days. This year, we hit the ground running with Blackmagic Design’s press conference, which took place first... Read more

Hands On With The Blackmagic Cinema Camera

A low-cost digital motion-picture camera designed for cinematographers

Today, almost everyone is aware of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, so I don’t have to remind you about the bomb they dropped at NAB 2012, nor do I have to rehash the impressive specs of the camera, which retails for only $2,995. But even with this high level of public awareness, not everyone has had the opportunity to shoot with the camera because,... Read more

4k Here And Now

Sony expands the 4K market with two new cameras, the F5 and F55

A few months back, I attended a small press gathering at the new Sony DMPC (Digital Motion Picture Center), where Sony executives introduced their latest CineAlta camera system. But hold on, hadn’t they just released the F65? And wasn’t the PMW-F3 the hottest digital camera system on the market? (The F3 sold over 2,000 cameras in the U.S.... Read more

Full-Frame Fever

With their monster-sized CMOS sensors, the Sony NEX-VG900 and SLT-A99 deliver big-screen results for filmmakers

Keeping pace with Sony cameras is getting difficult, as in recent years the company has released a "Murderer’s Row" of cameras for filmmakers. Just two years ago, the NEX-VG10 was released and was branded a revolutionary product since it was the first consumer camcorder to contain an APS-C sensor. Now, Sony has clearly swung for the... Read more

The Mini-Blockbuster

4K, Protunes and CineForm Studio propel GoPro’s HERO3 Black Edition to cinematic heights

Back in 1999, GoPro founder-CEO Nick Woodman wanted to create a camera that would enable surfers to take high-quality stills, and in 2004, GoPro released its first camera, a 28mm wrist camera that shot 35mm film. As digital technology and video-sharing websites exploded, the small upstart company became synonymous with the social-media generation,... Read more

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Its origins, features and impact

If you haven’t noticed, "disruptive technology" is a term that has been overused in the tech media lately. But if any product deserves this title in the production industry, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera takes the crown. At NAB 2012, the Australian company pulled off one of the biggest surprises in years by announcing its first digital... Read more

Compact Slo-Mo

Cinematographer Jim Geduldick uses Vision Research’s Phantom Miro to capture action sports

Earlier this year when cinematographer Jim Geduldick first heard that Vision Research was developing their new Phantom Miro M120 and M320S high-speed cameras, he went straight to the U.S. distributor, AbelCine, about the possibility of being the first DP to use it on a project. With his background in shooting action sports, Geduldick had the idea of... Read more

Breaking The Imaging Barrier

Sensor technology moves from film parody to film parity and beyond

Modern digital cinema cameras continue to evolve at breathtaking speed. Light sensitivity, resolution and dynamic range have increased exponentially in just the past few years. While modern cameras are highly dependent on lens technology, processing, storage and the advanced electrical engineering that allows for innovative new features, at the center... Read more


Despite the ergonomics, Sony serves up another ace with the release of the NEX-FS700U, offering Super Slow Motion and soon-to-be 4K images

For the past couple of years, Sony has been cranking out excellent digital motion-picture systems one after another. In the April 2012 issue of HDVideoPro, we profiled the NEX-FS100U, which I felt was a big step up for DSLR owners who wanted a true digital motion-picture camera without the workarounds of a DSLR. The camera contained a Super 35mm-sized... Read more