Torque Motors For Freefly MoVI Pro From Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro has announced a new accessory—Torque Motor bundles—for the Freefly MoVI Pro gimbal. The Motor bundles provide operators with plug-and-play focus and lens control, allowing remote focus, iris and/or zoom control to shooting with any cinema or still photo lens (with proper gearing). The Motors come standalone, and plug into the MoVI Pro’s motor control board and Freefly-supplied motor cables.

Redrock Micro
Director/cinematographer Ty Evans has used the MoVI Pro and Torque Motors on recent projects.

Among the additional features are a lightweight, ultracompact design that translates to longer run times and easier handling.

The Torque Motor bundles are available immediately at a list price of $695 per motor. Operators have a choice of two bundles: a 1-Motor kit (focus) and a 3-Motor kit (focus, iris and zoom).

Redrock Micro

See the full press release below:

Freefly MoVI Pro Gets Plug-and-Play Focus And Lens Control With New Torque Motor Bundles From Redrock Micro

Torque Motors share MoVI Pro’s design DNA of ultra-light weight, compact size to add focus, iris, and zoom control

Dallas, TX and Hollywood, CA – Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional cinema accessories, today announced immediate availability of new Torque Motor bundles for the Freefly MoVI Pro gimbal. The new Motor bundles plug-and-play with the MoVI Pro and offer incredible performance and value for gimbal operators wanting to add remote focus, iris, and/or zoom control.

The Best way to add Remote Focus, Iris, and Zoom control to your MoVI Pro

The new Freefly MoVI Pro features many advancements for professional gimbals, including an integrated motor controller. The Redrock Torque Motors plug directly in to the MoVI Pro for precise focus, iris, and/or zoom control on any cinema or still photo (with proper gearing) lens.

“Gimbals like the MoVI Pro are increasingly accepted in today’s productions,” said James Hurd, Chief Revolutionist for Redrock Micro. “The Torque Motors make this great gimbal even better by adding precise and reliable lens control that is perfectly matched to the MoVI Pro in every way.”

Ty Evans is arguably the most influential director/cinematographer in the extreme sports world, and is known for his cult skateboarding films “Yeah Right”, “Pretty Sweet” & “We Are Blood.” He has been using the MoVI Pro and Torque Motors on recent projects.

“Loving the new MoVI Pro and [Redrock] Torque Motors,” said Ty. “Simple plug and play integration works flawlessly between the Motors and MoVI Controller. Lightweight and powerful in a small streamlined package: This is hands down the best set up.”

The ideal companion for the Freefly MoVI Pro

• Plug and play – Torque Motors are ready to go, already proven in thousands of MoVI productions worldwide.
• Professional performance – Precise and reliable control that matches MoVI Pro’s production pedigree
• Same design DNA – Shares MoVI Pro’s relentless focus on light weight and ultra compact design for longer run times and easier handling
• Incredible value – at $695 per channel, nothing comes close.

Pricing and Availability

Torque Motor MoVI Pro Bundles are available immediately. List price is an incredible $695 per Motor. Two bundles are available: a 1 Motor kit (focus) and a 3 Motor kit (focus, iris, and zoom). The Motors come standalone, and plug into the MoVI Pro’s motor control board and Freefly-supplied motor cables. Torque Motors for MoVI Pro can be purchased directly from Redrock at or from any of Redrock Micro’s worldwide authorized resellers.


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