Hands-On Review: Atomos Ninja Inferno Vs. Video Devices PIX-E5

Comparing the design and capabilities of the external video recorders
external video recorders, Atomos Ninja Inferno, Video Devices PIX-E5
One fun thing about working on The Camera Store TV is it gives us the chance to help explain some of the tools and techniques that often intimidate shooters. External video recorders are a great example of this. It seems everyone knows that using one can give you better video quality, but I see so many videographers confused about when to use one, and... Read more

Hands-On Review: LaCie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3—2big To Be Ignored

To have this much capacity at this speed, with dock functions and without breaking the bank, it’s easy to be excited about storage
file storage
I like storage. I really do. Most of the projects I work on are shot in 4K and beyond, so storage is important. It doesn’t help that directors don’t have much incentive to say “cut” as they might have done when they shot on film. A recent project tied up nearly 18 terabytes of storage during finishing. I’m always on the lookout for more storage.... Read more

Hands-On Review: ProMediaGear PMG-DUO Slider

Smart design, portability and optional motorized control make this a no-brainer for the video shooter
video slider
While the market for portable video sliders may be crowded, few units are as well designed and well engineered as the ProMediaGear PMG-DUO slider. CNC-machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the three members of the PMG-DUO product line (24”, 36” and 48”) offer a curved track on one side of the unit and a straight track on the... Read more

MindShift Gear FirstLight 30L Hands-On Review

The outdoor enthusiast-friendly FirstLight is a perfect choice for photographers on the go
MindShift Gear FirstLight backpacks
MindShift Gear is a division of camera bag manufacturer Think Tank Photo that’s aimed at creating packs and gear with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. While most camera bags are intended for a working pro who’s transporting gear from location to location, the MindShift line is designed instead for the photographer engaging in activities and braving... Read more

Live Multi-Camera Production Solutions

A variety of tools for multi-camera productions allows projection to a live audience for later playback from YouTube and Vimeo and for live streaming
Live Multi-Camera Production Solutions
The NewTek TriCaster Mini offers the convenience of a built-in monitor; it’s a complete production switcher at the easily portable size of a cereal box. I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with my good friend and colleague Dave Cerf on researching options for live-streaming productions. A technical adviser for a popular series of live stage... Read more

Tenba Debuts Cineluxe Bags

The new Cineluxe Collection of video camera bags were designed in collaboration with working filmmakers to incorporate features they require
Tenba camera bags
Tenba has introduced the new Cineluxe Collection of video camera bags, designed in collaboration with working filmmakers with the qualities they demand on set and on location. The bags are available in a range of sizes, with capacities that can hold professional camcorders, cinema cameras and ENG rigs from Sony, Canon, RED, Blackmagic and others (with... Read more

LockCircle Introduces Protective Gear For Fujifilm X-T2

The Cage Kinetics XT2 and LockPort XT2 Dual are designed to protect your investment in this powerful 4K camera
LockCircle continues to innovate, releasing two new products aimed at protecting the Fujifilm X-T2 during demanding shooting conditions. The Cage Kinetics X-T2 is built to “fit like a glove” around the Fujifilm X-T2, but its ergonomic design still makes the camera easy to hold and operate, even with attached accessories. The kit is designed and... Read more

Superfast Sony SF-G Series SD Memory Cards

Sony has billed them as the “world’s fastest” SD cards, and creatives will appreciate up to 299 MB/s write speeds and up to 300 MB/s read speeds
Sony SF-G Series SD memory cards
The new Sony SF-G series SD memory cards, are the “world’s fastest” SD card according to Sony, with an impressively fast write speed up to 299 MB/s and a read speed up to 300 MB/s. Creative professionals should take note of the cards’ ability to capture high-quality 4K and Full HD video in the XAVC-S format, as well as continuous shooting of... Read more

Think Tank Photo Airport Helipak V2.0 Backpack

The backpack has been updated to accommodate a DJI Phantom 4 and the like, plus accessories
Think Tank Photo
The Airport Helipak from Think Tank Photo has been updated to accommodate a DJI Phantom 4 and similarly sized drones, plus accessories, as well as a small camera kit and 15-inch laptop (with its own dedicated compartment). A custom divider set helps users keep gear organized. The exterior fabric has been treated with a water-repellent coating for protection... Read more

LockPort 5DM4 DUAL Plate By LockCircle

The plate has a universal base clamp and protects the delicate HDMI/USB outputs on the Canon EOD 5D Mark IV
Filmmakers and other creatives looking to protect those fragile HDMI/USB outputs on their Canon EOS 5D Mark IVs have a new solution. The LockPort 5DM4 DUAL by LockCircle is designed to help guard the mini HDMI and micro USB 3.0 camera ports from the rugged conditions the camera may face on production shoots, for both motion and stills work. Setup takes... Read more

Torque Motors For Freefly MoVI Pro From Redrock Micro

The new bundles are plug-and-play with the MoVI Pro gimbal for enhanced performance
Redrock Micro
Redrock Micro has announced a new accessory—Torque Motor bundles—for the Freefly MoVI Pro gimbal. The Motor bundles provide operators with plug-and-play focus and lens control, allowing remote focus, iris and/or zoom control to shooting with any cinema or still photo lens (with proper gearing). The Motors come standalone, and plug into the MoVI... Read more

TASCAM Triple Threat

Three new microphone recorders with internal microSDHC capture give DSLR, lavalier and battery-powered handheld-XLR users dual capture and plug-and-play operation without the need for an external recorder
At less than a quarter-pound in weight each, three new AAA battery microphones with direct capture to microSDHC cards for DSLR, XLR-handheld and lavalier systems from TASCAM.
At less than a quarter-pound in weight each, three new AAA battery microphones with direct capture to microSDHC cards for DSLR, XLR-handheld and lavalier systems from TASCAM. Announced this last April at NAB, TASCAM turned quite a few heads with the DR-10SG, an on-camera shotgun microphone solution aimed directly at DSLR users. With microSD support... Read more