Cutting “Terminator: Dark Fate”

What it takes to edit and cut film from a well-known sci-fi franchise
Cutting “Terminator: Dark Fate”
Gabriel Luna stars as the most deadly Terminator ever created, the Rev-9, in director Tim Miller’s action-packed “Terminator: Dark Fate.” All photos courtesy Paramount Pictures Corporation Decades after Sarah Connor (played by actress Linda Hamilton) helped prevent a catastrophic ending for humanity, a new and improved Terminator—a killing machine,... Read more

Shooting “Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind”

Maintaining a consistent look with multiple cinematographers and locations
“Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind” is an intimate portrait of the beloved comedian as told through the stories of family, friends and colleagues, streaming on HBO. Image courtesy of HBO. In the entertainment business, there are and were few comedians with a career as diverse and all-encompassing as Robin Williams. The HBO documentary “Robin... Read more

Working In An Upside Down World

The VFX team on Stranger Things 2 creates an intense fantasy world
Retro Visualization The fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, has taken on a special significance to an ever-increasing audience for Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things. Now in its second season, set in a non-specific year in the 1980s, the next chapter of the show is set a year after the first season took place, finding the characters trying to return... Read more

Changing The TV Rules

Emmy® nominees and winners on creating cinematic television 
cinematic TV
Director of Photography Yves Bélanger, CSC, on camera, on the set of Big Little Lies. The series swept the 2017 Emmy Awards, winning the Outstanding Limited Series award, with Nicole Kidman earning Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series, Laura Dern, Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series, and Alexander Skarsgård, Best Supporting Actor... Read more

Michael Rubenstein: A Constant Transition

Michael Rubenstein is constantly evolving—from photojournalist to advertising photographer to video director. Here’s how.
Michael Rubenstein
Singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield of the indie band Waxahatchee. Like a shark that can’t stop swimming, even to sleep, Michael Rubenstein is constantly moving forward. Trained as a photojournalist, he soon evolved into an advertising photographer, then a lifestyle shooter, and now a cinematographer and video director, as well. He approaches the... Read more

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Post-Apocalyptic Dailies

Post shop SHED evolves a groundbreaking new workflow for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Photo © Marvel Studios 2017 Writer-director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe deep into the cosmos, where interstellar explorer Peter Quill ends up as the object of an unending bounty hunt after stealing a mysterious orb coveted by Ronan, a powerful arch-nemesis with ambitions that threaten the entire... Read more

Using Your Passion To Create Your Narrative Style

Henry Adebonojo, director of photography for the Oscar®-nominated documentary I Am Not Your Negro, embraces multiple mediums to create his personal approach to storytelling
Henry Adebonojo
Cinematographer Henry Adebonojo on set. Of his gear choices, the DP says, “For any shot where there was movement, I literally either mounted the camera to the hood of a car or I was shooting through a sunroof. I used a Panasonic GH4 with Canon lenses for that. And that was really just a function of what I had on hand that could shoot 4K. I had used... Read more

July/August Preview: DP Henry Adebonojo

Coming up in the July/August issue, HDVideoPro interviews the director of photography for the Oscar®-nominated film I Am Not Your Negro
Henry Adebonojo
“Flag Silhouette.” Still photography from Henry Adebonojo. Coming up in the July/August issue, HDVideoPro interviews Henry Adebonojo, the director of photography for the Oscar®-nominated film I Am Not Your Negro. The cinematographer faced a unique challenge when director Raoul Peck tapped him to work on the film—nominated for Best Documentary... Read more

Going Off Camera

With an ongoing television show for DirecTV, where he interviews many of the celebrities he has photographed, Sam Jones is leveraging digital imaging technologies for all they’re worth
Off Camera Sam Jones: photograph of Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell This is our extended interview with Sam Jones. Sam Jones says that his sober and yet utterly charming approach to celebrity portraiture has the singular goal of telling the story of his subject, with only a single capture. As a photographer, he has captured hundreds of these single-image stories for an award-winning roster of top-shelf... Read more

Days Gone By

Fred Elmes, ASC, delivers a visual meditation on small town life in Jim Jarmusch’s latest feature Paterson
Fred Elmes, ASC, delivers a visual meditation on small town life in Jim Jarmusch’s latest feature Paterson
Over the course of his career, Director of Photography Fred Elmes, ASC, has enjoyed long associations with several notable filmmakers. Among them are Ride with the Devil, The Ice Storm and Hulk for Ang Lee, multiple projects for Martha Coolidge and John Cassavetes, and a trio of David Lynch features starting with his seminal AFI-sponsored Eraserhead,... Read more

Lighting Legacy

With three decades of work behind the lens, Nancy Schreiber, ASC, continues to inspire the next generation of DPs
Nancy Schreiber, ASC
As the fourth female member in ASC’s history, out of only 15 total, and as a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Emmy and Independent Spirit Award-nominated cinematographer Nancy Schreiber, ASC, who will receive the 2017 American Society of Cinematographers President’s Award at the 31st ASC Awards gala this February, has forged... Read more

Toronto International Film Festival 2016

North America’s biggest film festival generated modest sales, positioned titles for awards season and reaffirmed the growing clout of digital platforms in film acquisition
Toronto International Film Festival 2016
Courtesy of Toronto International Film Festival The 41st installment of the famed Toronto International Film Festival showed an event becoming less about sales and more about marketing. Boutique distributors wrote checks for various indie dramas and documentaries, but overall there were few headline-worthy bidding wars in Canada’s beloved global festival.... Read more