Rear-Rejection Sound

Profiling the Sanken CSR-2 mic, plus the Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder

SANKEN CSR-2 MIC Q I’ve been primarily using Sennheiser microphones, including the MKH 416 and MKH 50, for the past few years as the main mics in my sound-mixing package. I recently landed a new client for whom I’ve been mixing sound on a lot of sports events shoots where we shoot interviews on the sidelines of games at large stadiums.... Read more

Around The Campfire

Recording audio for a four-character scene, plus powering small recorders

RECORDING AUDIO FOR A FOUR-CHARACTER SCENE Q I’m working on a low-budget student film. We have two big scenes where four characters will be having a discussion around a campfire. We’re covering the scene with two cameras; one will be a pretty wide shot that contains all four characters, the fire and some of the area around the fire, while... Read more

Stills To Motion

Translating digital cinema through Photoshop

We hold a lot of events at AbelCine aimed at helping still photographers move into the world of cinematography. These “Stills To Motion” events are focused on both the art of cinema, as well as the latest camera technology. During a recent event, we were discussing the RAW and Log modes in the Canon EOS C500, as well as the wide cinema gamut... Read more

A Streamlined Workflow

Copying files, and staying organized in dual-system sound

WHEN IS A COPY NOT A COPY? Q As I’ve been working up in my skill level, I seem to be trusted more with the day’s files for a shoot. There seem to be certain ways that people think are best for dealing with all of the data. I think I’m pretty good with making multiple copies of each file and making sure those copies are on separate... Read more

Audio Options For The Panasonic GH4

Plus, Tascam’s DR-60D as a DSLR audio solution

PANASONIC GH4 & RØDE LAVALIER Q I’m looking for a good wired lavalier for my new Panasonic GH4 camera. Unlike my video cameras, the GH4 doesn’t have XLR connections, and most of the lavaliers I’ve seen that have unbalanced 3.5mm connections aren’t exactly pro-level microphones. This will be for broadcast, and I’ll... Read more

Making The Match With 3D LUTs

How can I match a Sony F55 and Canon EOS C500?

Many people know AbelCine for the scene files we create for various cameras. Last year, I wrote a column called "Making The Match" (HDVideoPro, April 2013), and I outlined my process for creating matching scene files for various cameras. We received a lot of great feedback on that column and have received even more interest in matching files.... Read more

Battling The Burn

My experience at Burning Man 2002

Problem: 110º heat? Dust? No A/C in my ’93 Ford Explorer? Nope. My problem was that a beautiful woman had just taken off her tube top and had given it to my naked friend as a "skirt," and I missed the shot. Then the VCR tape melted. The thought "Why am I here?" ran through my head until it got too hot and I had to sit down.... Read more

Blurred Lines

Checking and adjusting back focus

Q I was lucky enough to get to NAB this year and was happy I did. It was great to be able to get my hands on (or at least see under glass) a bunch of new products. After a while, I started getting overloaded with all the new stuff. Seeing new lighting, new camera rigs, gimbals, drones, batteries and recorders was a bit overwhelming. Did I mention drones?... Read more

Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic

Plus, picking the right boom pole and mic mount

SENNHEISER SHOTGUN MIC Q I’m assembling my first serious audio kit, and I’d like some advice about which shotgun could serve as my main boom microphone. I work on a lot of documentaries and travel to shoot them overseas usually, so size, weight and performance are all considerations. My budget is very limited, but I want the best I can... Read more

Go Wide

Explaining digital anamorphic

Anamorphic has been a popular format since its introduction more than 50 years ago. Once associated with epic outdoor action dramas, the anamorphic look is now part of the language of small intimate films to blockbusters and everything in between. There’s even a trend to shoot anamorphic commercials. As the digital camera revolution rolls forward,... Read more

Laying Down The Hammer

Covering sports can be a pain in the…back

I was working as a camera operator on an OB (Outside Broadcasting) truck for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (S.A.B.C.) at the time this incident took place. The OB truck was a five-crew, two-camera EPG/EFP cube truck-sized vehicle. The team consisted of two engineers, two camera operators and one audio technician. Our OB unit was known as... Read more

Log Rolling

Plus, dealing with 1⁄4” connectors

LOGGING SOFTWARE Q Is there a standard way of getting log notes into something an editor can use? I’m mostly doing shorter projects, but some are scripted, and I get frustrated because, at the end of the day, when I get my stuff to the person doing the edit, it feels like we’re back in the dark ages, with searching through timecodes to... Read more