A Supercardioid Short Shotgun Microphone From Sanken Plus Aputure’s New A.lav

If you’re not familiar with Sanken Microphones, you can be forgiven— in a world of Sennheiser and Audio- Technica, Sanken isn’t a household name
If you’re not familiar with Sanken Microphones, you can be forgiven—in a world of Sennheiser and Audio-Technica, Sanken isn’t a household name. Sanken has been around since 1925, so they must be doing some things very well to survive 93 years on the market. Sanken microphones have robust construction, an excellent reputation for clear and detailed... Read more

Affordable VR Audio Recording And Noise-Reducing Headphones For Professional Use

A look at the Tascam DR-701D and Sennheiser Ambeo Package and the Remote Audio HN-7506 Noise-Reducing Headphone System
Tascam DR-701D and Sennheiser Ambeo Package If you’ve jumped into the confusing “Wild West”-like atmosphere of VR content creation, you may know that VR cameras seem to have exploded in popularity with dozens of both consumer and professional grades available, with new models hitting the market almost weekly. Audio for VR, on the other hand, is... Read more

Hands-On Review: AVID ProTools

The powerful stand-alone editor takes your audio to new levels
Hands-On Review: AVID ProTools
With our Audio Assist column, we typically focus primarily on sound for picture production tools, with occasional side trips into plug-ins and audio postproduction tools. I was recently invited to AVID Technology’s West Coast HQ in Burbank, California, to get some hands-on time with ProTools 12.8.2, AVID’s latest version of the industry-standard... Read more

Lectrosonics Portable Digital Recorder (PDR)

With an intuitive and well-crafted design, the recorder offers a high level of sound quality with time-code recording at a nice price
It’s 2017, and there are new realities to face when it comes to utilizing wireless microphone systems for video and sound professionals. In the U.S., the Federal Communication Commission has been engaged in an ongoing mission to auction off most or eventually the wireless UHF spectrum to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, for us, the UHF spectrum... Read more

Lowering The Boom

Recording with boom microphones and building the audio chain
Lowering The Boom
It’s almost a visual cliché, the image of a boom operator holding a 12-foot boom pole above his or her head, dangling a large, fur-covered boom microphone a foot over the heads of a pair of actors, recording intimate dialogue for in an intense scene. For once, this visual cliché is actually accurate; this is precisely how a large portion of the... Read more

Choosing Audio Gear For Any Budget

Three packages to satisfy the bottom line when you can’t hire a professional sound mixer  
audio gear video
RØDE Wireless Filmmaker Kit One of the most commonly asked questions by video and digital cinema shooters is, “Which audio gear should I buy?” It’s not an easy question to answer because there’s no single answer that applies to everyone’s situation. If you have the budget and resources, always hire a professional sound mixer. Capturing crystal-clear... Read more

Lavalier Microphone Guide

The care, feeding and use of lavs  
lavalier microphones
What is a lavalier? lav·a·liere [lav-uh-leer, lah-vuh-] – noun An ornamental pendant, usually jeweled, worn on a chain around the neck Lavalier microphone Also, lav·a·lier, la·val·lière [Origin: 1915-20; after the Duchesse de La Vallière (1644-1710), one of the mistresses of Louis XIV] — Random House Unabridged Dictionary “A lavalier... Read more

Audio Solutions For DSLRs And Mirrorless Cameras  

Tools for capturing high-quality professional-level sound with these cameras
audio interface
Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 Audio Recorders We’re almost a decade past the entrance of DSLR cameras into the professional video and cinema production space. The video-capable Nikon D90 hit the market in August 2008, quickly followed by the game-changing Canon EOS 5D Mark II a month later. While the images produced by large-sensor cameras were... Read more

The Wireless Microphone Crisis

Alternative strategies for sound professionals using wireless mics today and in the future
wireless microphones
My production company recently created a corporate video for a client, shooting the project at a golf resort. While shooting skits with the talent out on the golf course, we had to use wireless microphones, as our talent was moving around a lot in each scene. After carefully miking our talent, both my fellow camera operator and I were rewarded with... Read more

Audio Apps For Sound Pros

Using your smartphone as an additional sound tool for pro audio work
apps for sound professionals
Professional sound mixers and audio engineers who use their ears to earn a living seem to be inexorably attached to their smartphones. But did you ever think that your smartphone could become a valuable tool for professional audio work? There are tens of thousands of apps out there, so how to narrow down the field to the best ones for those of us who... Read more

Microphone Options For Still Cameras

Rounding up a few of the most popular microphone and audio recorder options for capturing better audio with still cameras and mirrorless systems
capture better audio with still cameras
Sony PCM-D100 Audio Recorder While DSLRs are still popular, Micro Four Thirds cameras like the Panasonic GH5 and the Sony a6000 series in the APS-C category have become increasingly attractive. With professional features like 4K video, high-frame-rate (HFR) shooting for slow-motion footage, advanced color-profile support and the ability to shoot in... Read more

Strategies For Distributing Your Indie Film

Part two on how to improve your prospects of getting acquired in domestic and international markets
Strategies For Distributing Your Indie Film
Filmmakers expend so much effort to produce their films that they often give little thought to distribution until the movie is completed. Many filmmakers believe that if they just make a good film, distribution will take care of itself. However, securing distribution is often more challenging than raising funds and producing the movie. One’s leverage... Read more