Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

For example, converting a full-resolution RGB signal from a camera into a color-difference signal involves reducing the resolution of the color signals, so if your digitization process includes that color conversion, the resulting digital signal will be lower quality than the original analog one. That may not matter in most applications and probably will result in better quality than one would get from a long RGB cable, but it might not satisfy a high-end compositing requirement. That’s not the fault of the digitization process, but of the color conversion that’s implicit in the converter. A higher-quality conversion is an option, but it might double your cabling requirements and/or the cost of the converters on both ends.

Be alert for things that look like other things. I guess that we could call that "functional aliasing." One of the problems with modern integrated electronic boxes is that it’s difficult to figure out what really goes on inside them. Discrete component systems of days gone by may have been hard to understand, but most of the functions could be analyzed by studying a diagram of a circuit or looking at the input and output signals. Modern systems are much more complicated and functions are often hidden inside sophisticated integrated circuits, making it hard to figure out what the box does under different conditions.

Herein lies one of the conundrums of modern technology. While our devices make it easier for us to perform functions, it’s often harder to predict specific performance under varying conditions. That means that it’s still important to test and practice your craft under as many conditions as you can, so that you’ll be proficient when a new situation arises.

I guess some things haven’t changed so much.

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