The FCC Has It In For Me

We plan on purchasing at least one of these systems for evaluation as soon as they’re available and will report our results in a future issue. RØDE has a good reputation for their audio gear, and if they have solved the perceived problems and challenges in operating in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, this technology could spell the end of the FCC negating the use of expensive and essential wireless microphone systems by selling off the spectrum in which the system operates.


Q I work for a small cable network and have been looking for a high-quality handheld microphone for use for our reporters in the field. We’re using Shure SM58s, which are as rugged as a hammer, but the sound seems a bit muffled and the sensitivity is a little low. We’ve evaluated the Neumann KMS 104/105, which we like, but the cost is too much since we need to purchase half a dozen of them. Is there anything new or recently introduced that we should be considering to replace our Shure dynamic mics?
Terry N.
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A A few years ago, I wrote a large test/review of lavalier microphones and was able to try the DPA lavalier line of microphones for the first time. I was blown away at how natural and robust they sounded, and the build quality and accessories were very impressive, as well. The mics weren’t inexpensive, but the sound was impressive. DPA is introducing a new handheld omnidirectional reporter’s microphone. The DPA d:facto Interview Microphone is a very high-end, modular handheld reporter’s mic. The microphone hasn’t been released as of the time of this article, so I haven’t had a chance to evaluate it, but DPA is claiming increased voice clarity, linearity and low noise over the competition.

An interesting factor is that wind-noise rejection is claimed to be superior, straight out of the box, without needing extra foam windscreens or fur windjammers. The d:facto Interview mic features the MMC2006V capsule (based on DPA’s MMC2006), with sensitivity adjusted to fit the typical interview mic level. The d:facto Interview Microphone’s omnidirectional pattern is preferred for a handheld reporter’s interview mic because precision microphone placement is less critical. Also, handling noise is natively lower and further rejected by the rubber suspension mount built into the d:facto head.

With the unique ability to use the same mic head for both wired and wireless use, the entire d:facto mic series offers flexibility and future-proof investment in microphone front-end technology as it adapts to professional wireless brands and new wireless standards. Additionally, the DPA d:facto is a mic you choose for its capsule qualities and the options they present. Before you make a buying decision, it would be worth your time to locate a local audio retailer who carries the DPA microphone line and try them out. The list price is $919.95, which isn’t inexpensive, but I have a feeling if it’s coming from DPA, it will be a very solid performer for you.

16 CFR Part 255 Disclosure: RØDE and DPA didn’t compensate me to write this article. The companies didn’t send me review units to try out the hardware; I evaluated the RØDE system at an audio retailer and didn’t have access yet to the DPA microphone. No material connection exists between the manufacturers mentioned in the article and myself.

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