Roland R-44

Four-track recording in the field

Q I’ve been using my Canon EOS 7D with a microphone interface, but I need higher-quality recording to four tracks for an upcoming short film. I can’t afford too many of the high-end pro four- or eight-track recorders, and I haven’t had good luck recording with my laptop. I need something small and lightweight that can record at least... Read more

Waves Video Sound Suite

Increasing your sound-editing capability

Q The sound-editing tools included in my video-editing software package are pretty rudimentary. What do you recommend if I want to take up the audio quality on my editing system a few notches? Chris G. Via e-mail A With all of the advances in video and film gear over the past few years, one facet of production that hasn’t changed is the need... Read more

Keep It Simple

RØDE’s VideoMic Pro, and recording live events

RØDE TO THE RESCUE Q Like many people this year, I succumbed to the DSLR craze and purchased a new Canon EOS 7D. The built-in mic sounds terrible so I need an on-camera microphone, but I would rather keep it simple and not have to also buy and carry around a mixer or microphone interface. Any recommendations? Gerald P. Via e-mail A One challenge... Read more

Plug And Play

Sound Devices’ USBPre 2 is a high-resolution, portable hardware interface

Q I need to do some location recording, and I also want to record a few voice-over sessions with my laptop. There are a lot of different outboard devices for routing microphones and digital sources into your computer on the market. Which model do you recommend, and why? Alicia S. Via e-mail A The market does seem to be somewhat flooded with various... Read more

Fix It In Post, Part Two

A list of third-party audio-repair solutions that can improve your sound

Fix It In Post, Part Two
iZotope RX is an advanced audio-repair application that includes Hum Removal, Declipper, Declicker, Denoiser, Spectral Repair and Advanced Spectrogram. Q How can you fix noisy audio in post? We were shooting intros for a television show, and the building that we were shooting in had air-conditioning that couldn’t be turned off; it was one single... Read more


As a filmmaker concerned with sound quality, I’m looking to buy a good, all-purpose shotgun microphone.

Q As a filmmaker concerned with sound quality, I’m looking to buy a good, all-purpose shotgun microphone. I don’t mind spending some money, but I can’t afford the top of the line. What should I look for, and what are your suggestions for the best value? Andrea W. Via e-mail A I’ve been using and reviewing shotgun and cardioid-variant... Read more

Sound And The Video D-SLR, Part 1

In this two-part series, HDVP first takes a look at production audio

The popularity of shooting with HD-capable D-SLR (digital single-lens-reflex) cameras has resulted in a whole new range of audio challenges. In a nutshell, the audio on the new D-SLRs leaves something to be desired. Those in search of killer sound to go with their amazing HD images acquired with these new cameras have some major challenges ahead. PRO-Quality... Read more