Zeiss Shows Award-Winning Lenses, Partner Solutions

At last year’s NAB, Zeiss updated their “best-selling prime lens” on the market with the introduction of the CP.3 and CP.3 XD lenses. Both lenses updated the optics of the CP.2 line, but the CP.3 XD added the sharing of frame-by-frame metadata in order to correct for lens characteristics or to add special effects in post. 

Zeiss is showing off these lenses at their NAB booth, as well as the functionality that the CP.3 XD brought with it. For the launch of NAB, Zeiss released software plugins that facilitate the use of the lens metadata during editing and post. The company launched a plug-in for Resolve in 2017, and this week has added plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Nuke. 

The Zeiss eXtended Data is metadata that saves info on distortion and shading for every frame captured, in addition to all Cooke /i-Technologies data (focus, aperture, etc.) 

The company also said that by the end of 2018, all RED cameras will be able to store Zeiss metadata in camera, and users of other systems can use external gear like MasterLockit Plus, and eventually, Starlite HD monitors, which will be able to store the data on SD cards. 

At the booth, Zeiss is showing off the ability to correct for lens settings, as well as the ability to re-apply the look of the lens (or the look of other A-camera footage) in post. 

For more information on Zeiss, visit their website zeiss.com.