The XPRO Fluid Head – Manfrotto releases new 2-Way Head with Fluidity Selector for photographers and videographers

Manfrotto announced the new XPRO Fluid Head (MHXPRO-2W) with the Manfrotto 200PL quick release plate for more efficient swapping between photo and video shooting. The XPRO Fluid Head is unique because it is equipped with a fluidity selector that allows you to switch between hard fluidity for slow tilt movement and soft fluidity for fast tilt movement. These fluid cartridge settings ensure that stable videos can be taken with any lens.

As well as its versatility, the MHXPRO-2W is also lightweight and portable. Its body is composed of adapto, technopolymer and aluminum components and has a payload of up to 8.8 lbs, even though it weighs only 1.54 lbs.

The XPRO Fluid Head is the only lightweight video head equipped with a fluidity selector.

“Manfrotto recognizes that as photo and video professionals expand both their scope of work and their collection of gear, they often require multiple levels of tilt flexibility for their different projects,” said Jodi Palm, Category Manager of Supports at Manfrotto Distribution. “The XPRO fluid head affords photographers and videographers alike, the option to effortlessly transition between hard and soft fluidity, helping them to easily capture their perfect shot. This, coupled with the complete two way tilt functionality and 200PL plate, makes the XPRO fluid head an ideal solution for those photographers looking to branch out into the world of videography, without having to deal with the hassle of head swapping and disassembly.”

The MHXPRO-2W head is also a good tool for birdwatchers using lightweight scopes or digiscoping with an additional camera. The maneuverability of the head lets the viewer quickly track the constant wildlife motion. The new MHKPRO-2W is available at retailers nationwide and online at, for $149.99.