Sundance 2020: Director Of Photography Topher Osborn Talks About Creative Choices In “Bad Hair”

Simon Wakelin, who has been roaming the many screening rooms all week at Sundance, captured this informative video at the Zeiss Open House with Topher Osborn, who discussed many of the creative choices he, Director Justin Simien and others on the creative team made in creating “Bad Hair,” a satirical psychological thriller set in Los Angeles in the late 1980s.You can play this YouTube video below:



He answered a variety of questions in this Q&A, including why they shot on Super 16, what was their lighting style, why he likes shooting handheld and why the director opts for using wide-angle lenses. Dave Grove, SVP of Global Feature Sales for EFilm, was also there, with Osborn, at the Zeiss Open House.