Sundance 2020: David Lowery On Inspiring Filmmakers

Director David Lowery, at “The Movie That Blew My Mind” session, a recurring festival panel at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. © 2020 Sundance Institute | photo by Maya Dehlin.

During one of “The Movie That Blew My Mind” sessions, in which a filmmaker is asked to share a movie that was hugely formative in his or her development, David Lowery chose to discuss the film ”George Washington,” by David Gordon Green. During the session, Lowery says it truly opened his eyes to the immense power of independent film. See what else he has to say about this film and more in this video clip:

David Lowery amazed audiences at Sundance back in 2017 with ”A Ghost Story”, a supernatural drama that he wrote and directed starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara. Released by A24 after its premiere in Park City, Affleck plays a man who becomes a ghost and remains in the house he shares with his wife (Mara).

Meanwhile, ”George Washington” is a touching portrait of young kids in a depressed rural town. Tragedy strikes when a member of the group dies while playing in an abandoned amusement park. As a result, they have to come to grips with a hard world of choices and consequences. The film is narrated by one of the children, and follows their struggles to balance their own ambitions and relationships against a tragic lie. ”George Washington” marked David Gordon Green’s feature film debut as a screenwriter, director and producer.