Staying Organized, Part 3

Previously, in Part 2, I showed how I set up my master bin structure for sequences and footage. This bin structure is then saved as a template so that I can start off organized when I begin a project. Now on to other bins that store a wide variety of content.


I use this bin to store sequences of select shots. For some projects, I line up all the takes into one timeline, cutting out all the gaps. This way if I need to show a director all the takes of a scene, I can quickly do it. I might also build b-roll montages in this bin.


While they might be considered footage, stills get their own bin. Often, I get a boatload of stills and it helps to have a separate place apart from footage. Since this bin contains only stills, I can use an icon view to quickly see what I have. I know the thumbnail represents a still and not moving footage.


Full frame and keyable graphics go in this bin. Whether I create them myself or work with a motion graphics designer, I keep it all straight here. I also have a separate Type sub bin where I store things like lower thirds/name supers and legal disclaimers.


There are several sub bins for audio that are useful at the start of a project and at the finish. I mentioned before that I move production audio away from the footage folders. I’ve found it helps keep things straight because sometimes—over multiple days’ shoots, using different location audio crews—naming conventions can stray from the camera footage folder’s naming schemes. So there’s a bin for Production Audio, in addition to the usual audio elements. If I create scratch tracks, they’ll go into the VO bin in a separate Scratch bin.


Nests are actually just sequences. However, if you use nesting a lot, those sequences can quickly overwhelm a bin. I like to have a bin just for nests and, most importantly, I appropriately name the nest when it’s created.

Unfortunately, when the nest is created it’s put at the top level of the project. I make sure to move the newly created nest into the Nest bin before I do anything else. That’s another reason why I have a Nest bin at the top level rather than as a sub bin in something like the Cuts bin.

I’ll finish up the rest of the bin structure for my template next time.

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