Sony Crystal LED Accidentally Steals Show

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When I traveled to Japan with Sony, one of the most impressive things I saw was the company’s massive Crystal LED display system, a wall-mounted series of LED panels that creates a display system as big as a customer could need. 

Sony’s booth at NAB has a larger version of the panel I saw in Japan, and it’s just as impressive. If you’ve got the time to stop by Sony’s booth, sit between the demonstrations and watch as Sony displays footage on this incredible display. 

To say it’s sharp, bright and vivid would be an understatement. In some footage from Carnival in Brazil, it’s possible to count the individual sequins on the floats, to see individual hairs on the legs of dancers. 

Why is this important in the context of video? The vivid images show what’s possible with the HDR workflows that so many creatives are starting to work with. When you can display a massive dynamic range on a wall-based display like this—or on a consumer HDR set, it’s key to have devices that can capture HDR and workflows that make the footage easy to work with. 

But even if it weren’t important to the business of videography, the display is a must-see here at NAB.