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The 4K/60p Atomos Shogun Inferno monitor and recorder for video and filmmaking

Monitoring and digital-disk capture continue to merge as the new 7″ calibrated Shogun Inferno monitor from Atomos begins shipping. First announced at NAB, the Shogun Inferno will record a variety of 4K formats at up to 60p on the 1500-nit brightness monitor. The display is capable of more than ten stops of dynamic range for not only daylight-viewing but also monitoring that displays upwards of 95% of the dynamic range captured by most camera sensors. With planned RAW-file support for to Arri, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, JVC and Red cameras, the Shogun Inferno also supports and will cross-convert several file types including HDR-ready-video as 4:2:2,10-bit ProRes or DNxHR.. and all starting at under $2,000 street (sans drive — find full pricing below).

Currently, the system is ideally suited for Sony FS5/7/700 users right out of the box. FS Raw can be captured to ProRes or DNxHR at up to 4K/60p with a future update planned to unlock high frame rate HD capture at up to 240p. The Panasonic GH4 (and soon the GH5) will also be capable of DCI 4K at up to 60p with up to 4K/30p available for Canon Cinema EOS cams. Atomos is also offering several branded HDMI cables that are able to run 4K at 60p: Full to Full HDMI, Micro to Full HDMI and Mini to Full HDMI in 2 lengths, 30cm coiled (60cm extended) and 40cm (80cm extended).

Atomos is hyping the processing behind the AtomHDR engine, which is included in the Shogun Inferno as well as Atomos’ Flame-series monitors. An HDR output in PQ will also playback to other HDR monitors as well as accept HDR input from an NLE editing system for color grading needs on sets or in the field. (PQ comes internal with planned HLG – each are HDR display formats.) Also featuring AtomHDR, find out more about the HDR-capable smaller and less expensive $1,795 Atomos Shogun Flame and $1,295 Ninja Flame monitors and recorders here.)

The 10-bit display resolves to 1.07 billion colors while an 8-bit model is able to display only 16.7 million. According to the product page: “AtomHDR image processing lets you shoot with the high brightness range of your camera’s Log profile while maintaining vibrant true-to-life colors. Conventional monitors lack this capability, displaying the brightness detail of Log but with a washed out image that makes judging exposure difficult.”

The Shogun Inferno is also capable of hot-swappable battery power for continuos capture. Playback and edit have a number of professional features like Focus Peaking, 2:1/1:1 zooming, anamorphic desqueeze, Zebra, False Color, Safe Area, Luma/RGB parade, vectorscope and 3D LUTs. HD-SDI conversion can convert on-the-fly, as well, but only certain drives will be able to support top frame rates. G-Tech has partnered with them by incorporating the Atomos Master Caddy system in their ev Series solutions for full compatibility.

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The 4K/60p Atomos Shogun Inferno monitor and recorder for RAW capture and HDR video and filmmaking monitoring
The 4K/60p Atomos Shogun Inferno monitor and recorder for RAW capture and HDR video and filmmaking monitoring

Shogun Inferno — Press Release, Pricing and Specifications

Shogun Inferno now shipping. 4K 60p HDR filmmaking has arrived.

Melbourne, Australia – 13 October 2016 – The award winning Shogun Inferno – the world’s most advanced monitor recorder – is now shipping, ushering in the exciting new era of 4K 60p HDR filmmaking.

Since its inception, Atomos have been famous for redefining what monitors and recorders can do for all types of cameras and all types of filmmakers. The Atomos difference is that we develop cutting edge technology to propel the industry forward but deliver it at a price point and with a user interface that opens the technology up to the entire filmmaking community. Shogun Inferno gives the Atomos treatment to 4K 60p Log/Raw cameras, delivering high frame rate / high resolution recording & high dynamic range / high bright monitoring for under $2,000 USD MSRP.

“We are selling tomorrow’s 4K 60p HDR technology, today – future-proofing productions at price points that every filmmaker can afford”, said Jeromy Young, CEO and Co-founder of Atomos, “We can’t wait to see the wave of creativity that results from the arsenal of technology we’ve assembled in the Inferno”.

Shogun Inferno is shipping in quantity throughout the Atomos global network now. The initial launch firmware will have most of the announced functionality, however there are some features that will be implemented in the weeks to come and other features announced at IBC that were always scheduled for Q4 2016. A summary of the features ready now and those still to come with free firmware updates are summarized below;

Shogun Inferno now shipping with the following functionality;

4K60p video recording over HDMI and 12G SDI in pristine Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR. Perfect for the ever increasing 4K 60p model list (Sony FS7, F55, AX1 & Panasonic DVX-200, HCX1000, UX180)
Capture HDR Log / Raw as ProRes or DNxHR and use the 10+ stops of the AtomHDR monitor to set perfect exposure using the log from Arri, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, JVC and Red cameras

The increased processing power of Inferno allows us to add 4K 30p DCI recording over HDMI. A huge feature request from GH4 users, it opens up the camera to cinema applications

The high resolution 7″ calibrated monitor boasts 1500 nit brightness making it perfect for hood-free outdoor monitoring.

With FS Raw to ProRes / DNxHR recording up to 4K 60p Sony FS5, FS700 and FS7 users unlock high resolution, high frame rate recording

With Canon to ProRes / DNxHR recording up to 4K 30p Canon C300MKII and C500 users unlock high resolution 4K recording

This initial release will be updated 4-5 weeks later with free firmware to add high frame rate recording for Sony FS5, FS700, FS7 cameras. These users will already be able to record Raw to ProRes/DNxHR up to 4K 60p in the initial firmware but will additionally add HD/2K 100/120/200/240p recording capability.

Following this update, we will continue to release OS updates every 4-5 weeks to add in the remaining features including those announced at IBC scheduled for Q4 2016. In order of priority these will be:

Raw recording for Sony FS series, Canon, Arri & Panasonic LT

HLG in/out to broaden compatibility with playback on HDR screens and as a HDR input for mobile grading

QuadLink SDI for connection with cameras that have multiple 1.5/3G or single 6/12G without the need for converters

Scheduled playlist to schedule playout for live events, instore demonstration etc.

The above list shows the complete array of functionality gained with Shogun Inferno, but in no way defines the complete value you get buying into the Atomos world. The Inferno shares the core Atomos functionality that separates us from all others in the market:

Our Master Caddy system delivers an affordable, non-proprietary recording media solution

We include hundreds of dollars’ worth of accessories in the price you pay for the main unit

We don’t charge users license fees on Raw recording

We include Avid DNxHR / DNxHD recording in addition to Apple ProRes and pay for the Avid license

We are the only sub $2,000 monitor that can be calibrated, partnering with calibration leader X-Rite.

We pay for ExFat licensing to enable recording lengths beyond a 4GB limit

High performance audio monitoring with balanced XLR input/output and 48V phantom power

A 3rd party accessory eco system developed by our brand partners to further enhance the use of Atomos product. This includes the ev series from G-Technology that utilizes the Atomos Master Caddy, tailored underwater housings by Nauticam & calibration hardware by X-Rite.

The 4K 60p HDR world created by the launch of Shogun Inferno also adds new considerations for the recording media and HDMI cables used:

Atomos have developed a range of 4K 60p HDMI cables to support the high frame rates. Featuring rugged die cast connectors & coiled cables to keep clutter to a minimum they are compatible with the latest HDMI 2.0 standard and ready for both 4K 60p HDR recording and playback. 6 models are available; Full to Full HDMI, Micro to Full HDMI and Mini to Full HDMI in 2 lengths, 30cm coiled (60cm extended) and 40cm (80cm extended)

In terms of media only the highest speed SSD’s are capable of recording 4K 60p. There are already multiple models available from Samsung and Sandisk that are compatible with 4K 60p recording, with more models from Angelbird and other brands expected soon. The new Atomos website has been overhauled to make choosing the right media much easier. Visit and filter for Shogun Inferno to see the full list of approved drives for every model in the Atomos range.

Shogun Inferno is shipping now with the following MSRP:
US $1995 ex tax
Eu €1995 ex VAT

Atomos 4K 60p cables will ship beginning November with the following MSRP:
ATOM4K60C1 HDMI Full to Micro 30cm coiled, 60cm extended
US $99 ex tax Eu €95 ex VAT
ATOM4K60C2 HDMI Full to Micro 40cm coiled, 80cm extended
US $149 ex tax Eu €149 ex VAT
ATOM4K60C3 HDMI Full to Mini 30cm coiled, 60cm extended
US $99 ex tax Eu €95 ex VAT
ATOM4K60C4 HDMI Full to Mini 40cm coiled, 80cm extended
US $149 ex tax Eu €149 ex VAT
ATOM4K60C5 HDMI Full to Full 30cm coiled, 60cm extended
US $99 ex tax Eu €95 ex VAT
ATOM4K60C6 HDMI Full to Full 40cm coiled, 80cm extended
US $149 ex tax Eu €149 ex VAT

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