Seen At Cine Gear 2014 – Hive Lighting’s selection of ‘plasma’ low draw, high output lighting systems

Hive Lighting Killer Plasma Light
At this last Cine Gear Hive Lighting was on point with their line based around a newer lighting technology; plasma. With an output slightly besting LED lights, Hive claims plasma is flicker free at up to 225 million fps with bulbs that last a long time thanks to the elimination of filaments and electrodes from the design. Instead, the bulb works by heating capsules with an electric charge that converts the interior gases into light emitting plasma. Unlike wasteful electric bulbs, a minor amount of heat is produced by the process, and lifespans on the bulbs are rated at 10,000 hours plus before any color shift.

At Cine Gear, the company announced a new Daylight Dial module across their entire line of plasmas that will allow the lights to be used as fully tunable daylight to tungsten with a range of 4600–7000K degrees. The Daylight Dial has been calibrated to reduce green and magenta shifts with a spectrum output that mimics the natural feel of sunlight from dusk to moonlight without the need for additional gels. Pictured here, the Killer is a plasma system that combines two Wasp par lights, comparable each to a 400 watt HMI par in output while drawing only 276 watts. The Killer can be used with additional models for 2×2 lighting arrays that draw only 1080 watts per fixture while putting out the equivalent of a 6000 watt Tungsten spotlight. Hive has promised us a look at their latest model, the Bee Plasma Flood, which is an open face light with 100 degree soft light spread starting at $1995 list.