PhotoJoseph’s Live-Streaming Setup

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If you’ve seen any of my live-streaming videos, you’ve probably gathered that there’s something more than an iPhone involved! I get asked all the time, “How are you streaming” or even “What app are you using on your iPad to switch?!” (I do switch sources using my iPad, but it’s just a remote control).

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Live-Streaming Setup

To learn the basics of what my live streaming setup is, check out my video “How I LIVE Stream: Hardware in a Professional YouTube LIVE Streaming Studio.” Just a little precursor, though—it’s quite involved. My setup uses a dedicated hardware switcher, multiple cameras over SDI connections, an audio mixer, a hardware streaming device and a whole lot more. Of course, you don’t have to get quite so involved, at least not to get started.

Last week I was at B&H in New York, where I took the audience through the basics of live streaming using Epiphan hardware. You can watch that live stream on the B&H Events Page right here.

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Required Reading

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