PhotoJoseph Shows You How To… Put Makeup On?!

If you’re a guy (I’m a guy), then makeup is something you usually don’t think about. But if you’re on camera — meaning in front of the camera instead of behind it — or point your camera at other people, then it’s definitely something you should think about. Whether you’re hosting an online live show like I am, shooting vlogs, or even doing stills or video of other folks, then makeup is something you really want to consider. I’m not talking about blush and eyeliner, but simply a little something to get rid of the shine and gloss and hotspots you get from the lights. This is especially important in video where you have a lot less latitude to recover highlights than you do in a raw photo. So in this week’s featured video, I’ll show you my own (very very simple) makeup routine, where you can see the before/after changes in realtime, and also talk about several other things I do for larger, longer productions.

I also showed off one of my favorite lenses, the Panasonic Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2, showing off some photos and discussing its value.

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